Travel Assistance

If you are a benefits-eligible employee, you automatically have travel assistance coverage due to your enrollment in basic life insurance and basic long-term disability insurance.

The travel assistance plan provides emergency travel assistance when you are over 100 miles from home. Benefits include:

  • Guaranteed hospital admission
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Prescription replacement
  • Medical referrals to western-trained, English-speaking medical providers
  • Care and transport of unattended minor children

Be aware that when traveling abroad, foreign medical providers will usually require payment for medical services and will not accept assignment of medical bills, even with evidence of insurance. Therefore, if you require medical care abroad, pay with a credit card if possible and submit a claim for reimbursement as soon as you return.

Prior to your travel departure, please contact HR at 479-575-5351 for additional information or review the Travel Assistance brochure  or the Travel Assistance Program Description regarding your travel assistance benefit.

Employees on extended travel (more than 180 days) and J-1 Visa holders should use the Extended Travel Assistance plan.