Controlling COVID-19
on Campus - Strategies to
Protect Yourself and Others

The University of Arkansas promotes best health practices to keep everyone safe such as hand washing, wearing a mask, social distancing throughout campus, and monitoring your health.



Need Help with Workday?

Access Workday through the Workday App located at and login with your university credentials. Search for Workday or scroll down the page until you see the  Workday Application.

Complete Day-1 Checklist after logging into Workday.

Find Workday Support Services on the UA System Intranet located at

For help with a technical or functional area issue within Workday, please visit the Workday Help Portal located at

Workday Resources

Instructions to access the Workday training materials can be found on the Workday Training Site located at

Additional resources are also available on the Workday Resources Page located at


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The University of Arkansas recognizes our employees as our greatest asset. Find out how you can contribute to our community by searching careers. Discover how Human Resources guides and supports employees by advocating for a healthy work/life balance and providing excellent benefits. Explore what makes the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and Northwest Arkansas a top-ranked place to work and live.

Working at the University

We are work/life balance advocates. Human Resources strives to guide and support University of Arkansas employees through the many transitions they experience throughout their career at the university, including those that intersect both work and home.

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Provide excellent operational and strategic human resources services aimed at supporting the success of the
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