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The University of Arkansas recognizes our employees as our greatest asset. Find out how you can contribute to our community by searching careers. Discover how Human Resources guides and supports employees by advocating for a healthy work/life balance and providing excellent benefits. Explore what makes the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and Northwest Arkansas a top-ranked place to work and live.   

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HR News 2018

Tax season is right around the corner! Human Resources would like to remind you to update your mailing address on webBASIS to ensure prompt delivery of your W-2.

 W-2s will be mailed by the end of January; however, to ensure prompt delivery of your W-2, Human Resources needs you to update your address on webBASIS.

 Human Resources is mailing 2018 W-2s for your security.

All 2018 Form W-2s will be mailed to the home address on record in BASIS.

Current employees can log into WebBASIS with their UARK ID and password to update their address.  Previous employees may send an email to Courtney Hodge at, with a request to check their address.  The request must include information to verify your identity, such as a university ID number, address on file, or the name of the emergency contact on record.  

If your address in BASIS is not your current address, the USPS will return your W2 to Human Resources.  All undeliverable W-2s returned to Human Resources can be picked-up in room 222 of the Administration Building.  It could take a couple of weeks after being mailed for W-2s to be returned.  A photo ID is required to pick up a returned W-2. 

Duplicate W-2s can be ordered beginning mid-February.

Updating your address on webBASIS is easy! Log into webBASIS with your UARK ID and password by going to, go to “My Personal Data,” then click on “Addresses, etc.”

After updating your information, click on Validate, then click on Save!

Personal Data

 For more information, please contact Eva Cordero at

The University will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 22 and 23rd.  The Governor has declared Friday, November 23rd, 2018 as a holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving


The open enrollment period will begin November 1, 2018, and will end November 30, 2018.   No enrollments or changes after November 30, 2018, will be accepted.   Open Enrollment changes are effective 1/1/2019.

NEW FOR 1/1/2019

Making the Most of Your Workplace Savings Plan

 Next week, the University of Arkansas Human Resources will host a class with Fidelity Investments about making the most of your 403b/457b savings plan.

 The seminar “Making the most of your workplace savings plan” will help review the 5 important factors of retirement, estimate how much you will need, maximize workplace savings options, review additional retirement savings factors and teach you how to stay on track with your retirement goals.

 There will be two sessions held in the Arkansas Union on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.  You can attend online or in person.

 Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 10:30 am   ARKU 504

 Tuesday, October 2, 2018,   1:00 pm   ARKU 504

 No sign up required, seating is first come first serve or join online.


You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

+1-240-454-0887 US Toll

Access code: 809 481 721

The IRS has released the updated IRS withholding calculator in order to assist taxpayers to determine the appropriate withholding allowances for the new tax year.  Human Resources strongly advises employees review their withholding to make sure the withholdings are accurate by using the IRS withholding calculator.

Form W-4 instructs the Payroll Office to withhold the correct amount of income tax from an employee's paychecks.

  • Can be updated on webBASIS by going to My Pay, then Income Tax Withholding (W4).

See Step 1 for clarification about the office visit requirement

The goal of the wellness program is to improve the health of employees by encouraging employees to:
  • Build relationships with primary care physicians;
  • Utilize wellness and preventive exams
  • Reduce and end tobacco use

What is the 2019 Wellness Program Incentive?

The wellness incentive opportunity for 2019 continues to be as follows:

  • Classic Plan: Reduce your medical plan out-of-pocket expense maximum from:
  • $5250 to $3,850 for single coverage
  • $10,500 to $7,700 for family coverage
  • Health Savings Plan: An employer contribution of $90 to the Health Savings Account.
  • Premier Plan:  Reduce your medical plan out-of-pocket expense maximum from:
  • $3,000 to $2,500 for single coverage
  • $6,000 to $5,000 for family coverage

How will the 2019 Wellness Program Work?

To qualify for the 2019 wellness incentive, *employees covered on UA insurance should complete two simple steps:

  1. Complete a qualified office visit with an in-network provider between November 1, 2017, and November 1, 2018. 
    You do not have to provide any information regarding a qualifying office visit to the benefits area of the Human Resources Department.  UMR will provide a file to us that will confirm whether or not you had a qualifying office visit during these dates.
  1. Complete the Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge and Notice during Open Enrollment
    • Non-users pledge to continue to remain tobacco-free.
    • Tobacco users commit to enroll in and complete a tobacco cessation program in 2019.
    • Human Resources is working with BASIS programming in hopes that employees can complete their Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge using the on-line webBASIS Annual Benefits Enrollment process.   More information will be sent on how to enroll. 

*While covered spouses and children are encouraged to take advantage of preventive care coverage and to stop using tobacco products, only the covered employee must complete the required steps in order to qualify for the wellness reductions for 2019.

Details for Step 1: Complete a qualified wellness program visit between November 1, 2017 and November 1, 2018.

You must visit an in-network provider (excluding Dermatologist, Allergist, Podiatrist, Ophthalmologist, or Optometrist) for a qualified wellness visit. There is no form to complete and no need to contact UMR to report your visit. UMR will use claims data to confirm your visit.   

What is a Qualified Office Visit? 

For 2019, a qualified office visit includes preventive exams or screenings, any visit for treatment of a condition or diagnosis, or to manage a chronic disease.

A qualified visit includes any office visit received from an in-network Primary Care provider (Family, General, Geriatrics, or Internal Medicine) or Specialist (Cardiologist, OB/GYN, Oncologist, Gastroenterologist, Endocrinologist, Hematologist, Pulmonologist, Nephrologist, Infectious Disease, or Rheumatologist).

  • If you have had an office visit since November 1, 2017, you have already completed Step 1.
  • If you have not had a visit, schedule your office visit now to make sure it is completed before November 1, 2018.
  • If you are not sure you have completed a visit, log in to the UMR web portal at to review your claims and confirm your visit. 

Details for Step 2: Complete the Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge and Notice during Open Enrollment or pay a $50 monthly tobacco surcharge

What is the Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge and Notice?

Non-users must complete the pledge and agree to continue to remain tobacco-free. Tobacco users will commit to enroll in and complete a recognized tobacco cessation program in 2019.

How to complete the Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge and Notice?

Human Resources will send future communications when we have confirmation about how employees will complete the Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge.  The period to take the Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge will be 11/1/2018-11/30/2018.

What is a recognized tobacco cessation program? 

Research shows that the best way for people to quit smoking is through evidence-based smoking cessation programs. In order to expand cessation program use and ultimately decrease tobacco use, several programs that provide tobacco cessation services or one-on-one counseling are available including:  

  • UMR’s Tobacco-free 4 Life Program
  • The Pat Walker Health Center
  • UA Little Rock Health Services Center
  • UAMS Smoking Cessation Program  
  • The National Cancer Institute Quitline
  • The American Cancer Society Quit for Life
  • 1-800-Quit Now
  • The American Lung Association – Freedom from Smoking
  • Arkansas Stamp out Smoking

What is the Tobacco Surcharge?

In support of the University’s tobacco-free efforts, a monthly $50 tobacco surcharge will be charged to you if you are enrolled in a University health plan and you:

  • Do not complete the Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge and Notice or
  • Do not agree to enroll in a tobacco cessation program.

 If you are assessed the surcharge, you will pay it with after-tax payroll deductions. The surcharge will be deducted from your pay—it will not be an addition to your health premium.

 The surcharge will apply for the entire 2019 calendar year. However, if you don’t complete the Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge and Notice or don’t enroll in a tobacco cessation program by November 30, 2018, you will have the opportunity to submit an updated Tobacco/Nicotine Pledge and Notice or enroll in a tobacco cessation program by July 1, 2019. If you do so, you won’t be charged the $50 surcharge from July 1 through December 31, 2019.

 *You may choose to participate in the tobacco-free/tobacco cessation program to avoid the $50 tobacco surcharge without completing an wellness qualified exam and without earning the wellness incentive.  

Contact Human Resources at or 479-575-5151 if you have any questions.




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HR Training and Events

The Supervisor Development Certificate Program is an effort to promote excellence in selecting and managing the University’s work force. The program teaches new supervisors the essential skills and knowledge to be an effective leader and coach for other employees. This is an eight-part program. Each session is offered three times a week starting September 5th. Please register for all eight sessions through the EDP Training Calendar. You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program. Any questions can be addressed with Valerie Casey at or 575-5351.
The Human Resources Talent Development team is offering an exciting new certificate program for employees to gain the skills and knowledge needed to prepare for success within the University of Arkansas! This is a six-part certification program designed to help an employee learn the basics of improving their professional skills. Skills learned will include: writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing skills, effective communication, building a positive relationship with your boss, improving presentation skills, and conflict resolution. The courses are designed to be taken as part of the entire certification program or as a stand-alone course to freshen your skills. Completion of all six parts will qualify for the certificate.
Please visit the EDP Training Calendar for registration. Classes begin on September 20th. Limited seats are available. Any further questions can be addressed with Valerie Casey at 575-5351 or by email at
Join UAPD for an eye-opening presentation on Preventing Campus Violence. This exciting presentation will include everything you need to be prepared. From identifying and reporting possible threats to having your team prepared and knowing how to respond to various workplace threats. Click here to register.
Welcome to the University of Arkansas!  New Employee Orientation (NEO) includes information you need as you begin your UA employment. Part I includes an introduction to the University community, history, traditions, resources, and staff benefits (not health related). Click here to register.
Welcome to the University of Arkansas; New Employee Orientation (NEO) includes information you need as you begin your UA employment. Part II includes detailed benefits information including insurance and retirement benefit options. You have 31 days from your appointment date to enroll in benefits.  Visit the New Employee Virtual Benefits Orientation and How to Enroll in Benefits Online. Or, Click here to register for the in-person training that is offered once a month.
Promoting Diversity and Inclusion is presented by the Employee Development Program to support the diversity initiative and goals on the University of Arkansas campus. The context of the University's diversity initiative, history, and goals are covered as well as interactive exercises and discussions, and descriptions of moving along a continuum that leads to inclusive behavior. Click here to register.
These interactive sessions are designed to deepen the participant's knowledge of how biases impact our society and our workplaces. However, these workshops not only increase understanding, they engage participants to use that understanding to become allies in creating a more inclusive and accessible campus environment. Topics include: Disability, Gender Bias, Privilege and Prejudice, and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Click here to register. 
This seven-part certificate program is designed to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to be effective in hiring, developing, coaching, and disciplining employees. Topics include: Interviewing and Selection, Onboarding, Communication Skills, Employee Engagement, Supervising Multiple Generations, Time and Project Management, Workplace Violence Prevention, Performance Management, Conflict Resolution, the Grievance Process, Discriminatory Harassment, The Americans with Disabilities Act, The Family and Medical Leave Act, and Legal Issues in Supervision.  Click here to register.
These trainings will train users on each function in PA 7. Topics include: Position Descriptions, Create a Posting, Evaluating Applicants/Interview Review, Completing Hiring Proposals, and Evaluating Performance for Classified Employees. Click here to submit a ‘Training by Request’ form.