Legal Protection


Everyone has a time in their life when they need legal advice or assistance. With employee-pay-all LegalShield coverage, just pay a small monthly fee and you’ll have access to legal consultations from an experienced attorney. 

Covered Services

  • Advice and consultation (personal): Phone consultations with your law firm for any personal legal matter, even pre-existing ones.
  • Document review (personal): Your provider law firm will review personal documents (up to 15 pages each).
  • Letters/phone calls (personal): A phone call or letter on a lawyer’s letterhead can help quickly resolve your legal matters.
  • Trial defense (civil): Trial defense services when named defendant in a covered civil lawsuit.
  • 24/7 emergency access: 24/7/365 emergency legal access for covered emergencies.1
  • Income tax audit services: Receive representation if audited by the IRS on your personal tax return.
  • Residential loan document assistance: Your provider law firm will prepare or review required mortgage documents for the purchase of your primary residence, once per membership year.
  • 25% off additional legal services: Discounted rates for additional legal services.
  • Family matters: Receive assistance for an uncontested adoption, uncontested name change, uncontested separation or annulment, and uncontested divorce.1,2
  • Will preparation and power of attorney: Your provider lawyer will assist in preparation of a Standard Will, Physician’s Directive and Living Will as well as prepare a Power of Attorney as part of your estate planning needs.
  • Traffic matters:
    • Speeding ticket assistance
    • Criminal defense for death-related traffic accidents
    • Driver’s license assistance
    • Property damage collection

For more information, review the Legal Plan contract.

*This service also available for out-of-state matters.
** Out-of-state matters receive the same benefits as in state matters collectively.
1. This benefit is not to be used for matters when you wish to take legal action against another party.
2. Available 90 consecutive days from the effective date of your plan.

The Cost of an Attorney

Legal Services

Average Attorney Cost*

Yearly LegalShield Cost

Standard Will Preparation



Power of Attorney



Letter on Your Behalf



Document Review



Phone Consultation



Total Cost


Less than $300**

Yearly Savings with LegalShield = $1,800-$4,250

*These are ranges based on hourly rates of LegalShield attorneys.  This is not a quote or guarantee of any actual legal fees or costs.  Actual hourly rates, fees and costs may vary based on geographical need, legal issue or experience required.  Cost ranges are calculated by multiplying the normal hourly fee of general (lowest) and specialized (highest) attorneys in the selected state by the average number of hours billed for that service.  Costs shown above represent attorney fees in the state of Alabama.

** Refers to the annual cost of a LegalShield membership.

Enrolling in Coverage

Premiums are paid through convenient payroll deductions if you enroll through Workday.  Log in with your University credentials when prompted and select the Workday app.

For more information, contact LegalShield at 800.770.9820. Note: If you enroll through the LegalShield website, your premiums will be paid through a bank draft. 

Home Business Supplement

The home business supplement provides coverage for wholly-owned businesses with only immediate family member employees. Through the home business supplement, you can receive legal advice, document review, letters and calls on your behalf, and assistance with debt collection and audits.

Important: You must enroll in Basic Coverage to elect the Home Business Supplement.


Visit the LegalShield website for more information.

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