Leaving the University

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Ending Your Employment

When you end your employment with the University of Arkansas for any reason, including resignation, retirement or termination, this page will guide you through the termination process.


If you find it necessary to resign from your position at the university, you should give as much advance notice as possible, generally at least two weeks.  Submit a signed resignation notice to your immediate supervisor or department head. For example, "I am resigning my position of [job title] effective [date]."

If you are planning to retire, you should discuss your intentions with your supervisor as early as possible to give your department time to prepare. You may be eligible for retiree privileges.

Arkansas is an employment-at-will state. If you are terminated or your position is eliminated, you will receive written notice from your supervisor or department that provides the following:

  • Effective date of termination
  • Checklist to return all equipment (uniforms, University ID, keys, computers, tablets, cell phones, other technology, etc.)
  • Exact date and time for pickup of personal items (if applicable)

Final Paycheck

To ensure prompt receipt of Form W-2 for income tax purposes, contact the Payroll Office and provide a correct home mailing address on or before December 31.

All accounts with the University of Arkansas must be settled to avoid a reduction in final paycheck.

Contact HR at 479-575-6204 if you have any questions about your final paycheck.

  • Final paycheck will be issued on the next regularly-scheduled pay date

  • Final paycheck will be issued immediately after leave has been entered and payroll receives notice
  • Final paycheck will be mailed to the address on file

Lump Sum Leave Payment

Outgoing employees will receive a lump sum payment for up to 240 hours of accrued, unused annual leave. In most cases, the lump sum payment is made on the next pay cycle after the last pay check with all hour for time owed. Non-exempt employees will also receive payment for any compensatory time accrued as a result of approved overtime and accrued holiday time.

Unused sick leave may be donated to the Catastrophic Leave Bank by full-time employees. Employees can also choose to donate their annual leave instead of receiving payment for it or donate any annual leave in excess of 240 hours.

Please refer questions or concerns about leave or compensatory time to your department. Contact HR at 479-575-5351 with questions that cannot be addressed by the department.


If you are covered by the university's medical, dental and/or vision insurance plans when you end employment, you may temporarily continue your coverage at your own expense under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Coverage ends on your last day of employment.  You will be contacted by UMR concerning your COBRA rights. If you have questions or concerns before this period, contact HR at 479-575-5351.

Several catastrophic care benefits, including life and disability insurance, can be continued after you leave the university, either by paying premiums directly to the provider or by converting your coverage to a private policy. See the individual pages for each plan for details on continuing coverage. 

University Recreation membership is canceled effective on your termination date. Contact University Recreation at 479-575-4646 with questions.

Transit and Parking

You are responsible for returning your parking decal to Transit and Parking. Failure to do so can result in a payroll deduction for the remainder of the fee owed.

If you resign, retire, or are terminated with 30 or 60 days notice, contact Transit and Parking at 479-575-4666 prior to your termination date to return your decal and receive a temporary pass for the remainder of your work at the university.


Keys are not transferable and must be promptly returned to the Key Office, not your department. Failure to return all keys can result in a payroll deduction. Contact the Key Office at  479-575-2255 with questions.

Online Accounts 

When you leave the university, your university accounts will be deleted. You will no longer be able to access UAConnect, Blackboard Learn, wireless, the computer labs or other online university services. In addition, all email, personal websites and MyDocs files will be purged. IT Services recommends that users who are leaving the university back up online files and forward UARK email to an external email account. For more information, see IT Services: Leaving the University or contact the Help Desk at 479-575-2905.  


If you are working remotely 100%, please return your equipment to your respective department and/or supervisor.  If you are a hybrid worker, please leave your equipment at your assigned workstation/office.


Employees terminated with 30 or 60 days notice are not eligible to file a grievance under the University Grievance Procedure.

Employees terminated for cause are eligible to file a grievance under the University Grievance Procedure. Direct questions or concerns to oeoc@uark.edu. 

Subsequent Employment

If you end your employment in good standing, you are eligible for rehire at the University of Arkansas. For employment opportunities, visit the Careers website.

Unemployment Assistance

For unemployment assistance, contact the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services at 479-521-5730.