Connect with HR

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All official HR email communication to faculty and staff is sent to your email address.

Some printed materials may be sent to your home address, such as the Annual Benefit Enrollment documents and your W-2 Wage and Tax Statement. Most printed materials, however, are sent to your campus address.

Campuswide HR announcements are also submitted to News ( for Newswire Daily email distribution.

Optional Mailing Lists

These optional mailing lists provide administrative staff with important information and timely reminders related to hourly employee payroll, department leave, nonresident alien payments or PSB transactions in BASIS.

If you initiate or approve transactions to pay hourly employees in your department, you should subscribe to this mailing list. Subscribe by emailing with "subscribe HourlyUSERS Your Full Name"  in the body of the email.

If you are a departmental leave representative, contact Katherine Moore, Assistant Director of Benefits, to be added to the list.

If your department makes payments to individuals who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, subscribe to this mailing list to ensure that your department is in compliance with nonresident alien taxation regulations. Subscribe by emailing with "subscribe NRAADMINISTRATORS Your Full Name" in the body of the email.

Employees who are authorized to initiate or approve transactions in the PSB (Position System/Budget) module of BASIS should subscribe to the PSBUsers Listserv. This mailing list is managed by the Payroll Office and is used as a reminder system for important transaction dates and deadlines and to relay information regarding any changes to the appointment processes. Subscribe by emailing with "subscribe PSBUsers Your Full Name" in the body of the email.