10.3  Employee Resignation

(Board Policy 405.3)

If you find it necessary to resign from your position at the university, you should give your supervisor or department head as much advance notice as possible and, except under extenuating circumstances, no less than two weeks written notice. Your supervisor or department head will help you complete the necessary forms and the other steps in the termination process. If you terminate your employment with the university voluntarily and with proper notice, you may be considered for re-employment at a later date, either in the same department or in another area of the university.

Resignation is generally not a good way to resolve problems with your working conditions or other sources of job dissatisfaction. If you are experiencing work-related problems and are unable to resolve them through discussions with your supervisor or department head, the university's grievance officer, in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance, may be able to help you and your department arrive at a satisfactory resolution.

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