10.4  Termination of Employment by the University

(Board Policy 405.4)

All classified and non-classified staff employees of the University, whether full-time or part-time, who are appointed or hold regular positions, are “at-will” employees and may have their employment terminated by the University for convenience at any time or may be dismissed immediately for cause in accordance with University procedures. Although a period of notice is not required, any such period furnished at the discretion of the University should be determined by the employing unit in consultation with Human Resources and, as appropriate, General Counsel, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance, and/or other University units.


All other staff employees (for example, temporary and hourly employees who do not hold an appointed or regular position) and student workers (excluding Graduate Assistants, who are addressed in Board of Trustees Policy 500.1) may be terminated at any time without advance written notice. While advance written notice is not required, termination should be communicated to the employee and documented.

Please refer to the following Staff Handbook policies for additional information concerning termination of employment:
4.3 Performance Reviews
5.4 Absence from Work


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