(Board Policy 405.5)

Retrenchment occurs when a reduction in programs or services occurs because of financial exigency or because of formal academic planning such as changes in the institutional mission, substantial program changes, or major reallocations of resources for academic or support services. Board of Trustees Policy 405.5 addresses the circumstances under which a retrenchment may be declared and steps to be taken in the event it becomes necessary to eliminate jobs or reduce the university workforce in conjunction with such an event.  Even absent the declaration of a retrenchment, the University may terminate staff or faculty members in positions for which tenure may not be awarded under the provisions of Board Policy 405.4 to implement functional changes, for budgetary reasons or other reallocation of institutional resources.

Departments considering retrenchment should notify the Office of the Provost (as applicable) and Human Resources as far in advance as possible to ensure all necessary steps are taken.

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