New Employee Benefits Enrollment

As a new employee of the University of Arkansas, you have 31 days from your benefits-eligible appointment date to enroll in retirement and insurance benefits. Your coverage will be effective the first day of the month following the date your enrollment is completed.

Human Resources is now offering Benefits Orientation for new employees online. Please view the New Employee Virtual Benefits Orientation here.

You will find a summary of your University of Arkansas benefits, including premiums, in the New Employee Benefits Booklet. You should attend a New Employee Orientation. Enrollment in some benefits (retirement, basic life insurance and basic disability insurance) is mandatory and is considered a condition of employment. 

You will need the following to begin the enrollment process:

  • Covered dependents' names, dates of birth, genders and Social Security numbers
  • Beneficiaries' names, dates of birth, genders and relationship to you. If you are naming a trust as your beneficiary, the name of the trust and the trust date. 
  • Documentation of Dependent Eligibility (government issued marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc.) is required for covering any dependents on UA health, dental and vision insurance plans.


You can complete your benefits enrollment online using Workday.  Additional information is available from the New Employee Benefits Enrollment section of Human Resources website.

  • Open Google Chrome and go to
  • Click on the Workday application
  • On your second day of employment, you will have an Inbox item labeled “New Hire Benefits Change”.  Click on the inbox item and complete your enrollment.  Note:  If you are covering dependents, you will be prompted to upload your documentation
  • Your enrollment will go to the Benefits Partner for approval.  Benefits are effective the first day of the following month after your enrollment and documentation is submitted to the Benefits Partner.

You can also complete a paper enrollment process and submit the forms to Human Resources. Partial enrollment paperwork will not be accepted. Do not complete and turn in enrollment forms if you complete the Workday enrollment process above. Forms are available from the New Employee Benefits Enrollment section of Human Resources website and from the Human Resources office. Submit completed enrollment forms to Human Resources:

University of Arkansas
Human Resources
222 Administration Building
Fayetteville, AR 72701
FAX 479-575-6971

You can complete paper enrollment forms and submit them to Human Resources rather than using the online enroll. Partial enrollment paperwork will not be accepted. Do not turn in the enrollment forms if you complete the webBASIS enrollment process.

All benefits enrollment forms must be completed with dark black or blue ink, signed, dated and returned to:

University of Arkansas 
Human Resources 
222 Administration Building 
Fayetteville, AR 72701 
479-575-6971 (fax)

Contact an HR Expert with questions.

Other Benefits

All benefits-eligible employees hired July 1, 2016, and after must enroll in the UA 403(b)/457(b) Retirement Plan. If you are a transfer from another University of Arkansas System campus and participated in APERS OR ATRS, you may be able to continue to participate in APERS. Contact HR for additional information. See links below for additional information on the UA Retirement Plan: 


All benefits-eligible employees are eligible to enroll in Critical Illness Insurance, Identity Theft Protection, Legal Protection and Group Rated Auto/Home Insurance. You enroll directly with the vendor, not through Human Resources. You have 31 days from your benefits eligibility appointment date to enroll in Critical Illness Insurance. You may enroll in Auto/Home Insurance at any time. See below for links to our website with additional information, including contact information: