Political Activities

(Board Policy 465.1; Governor's Policy Directive # 9; Arkansas Office of Personnel Management Policy 70.12)

As a citizen, you have the right to engage in political activity. However, you must do so on your own time, outside of working hours or when you are on annual leave or leave without pay, and you must maintain appropriate supporting records. You may not use your university title, your affiliation with the university, or the university's name, symbols, property or supplies in political activities. You may not display political banners, posters or literature in university offices or place political bumper stickers or decals on university vehicles. You may not request or collect political contributions during working hours.

If you intend to seek public office or to assume a major role in a political campaign, you are obligated to discuss your plans with your supervisor. If your supervisor determines that the activity will impinge to any extent upon the full discharge of your responsibilities to the university, your plans must be reviewed through regular administrative channels to the chancellor for a determination of workload and salary adjustment with such determination reported to and subject to review by the president. Involvements which require part- or full-time services, and for which more than token compensation is received, will require a reduction of workload and pay, leave-of-absence, or resignation, depending upon the extent of the activity. If you are elected to the Arkansas General Assembly, you must take leave of absence without pay when the General Assembly is in regular or fiscal session and for the duration of extraordinary sessions. If you are elected to any other office, national, statewide or local, a plan must be developed and reviewed through appropriate administrators to prevent any conflict of commitment.

Friday, May 04, 2012 12:46 PM