Use of University Property and Facilities

(Board Policy 705.1; Universitywide Administrative Memorandum 325.1, 715.1, 720.1; Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 313.3, 313.4, 406.0, 718.0, 722.0, 727.0, 732.0; Governor's Policy Directive #5)

You may use university equipment and supplies only for work-related purposes. University computers, telephones, calling cards, fax machines, cell phones, photocopying machines, vehicles, machinery, tools, disposable supplies and other equipment and materials may not be used for personal activities. University equipment may not be discarded, but must be disposed of in accordance with established procedures.  University bulletin boards, except for designated ones in the Arkansas Union, may not be used for private or commercial activities. The campus mail service may be used only for university purposes. Unauthorized or personal use of equipment or supplies may be grounds for dismissal.

If an emergency or other unforeseen and extraordinary situation requires you to accept a collect call, use a long distance authorization code, calling card, or other service for personal purposes, you should make reimbursement promptly to the university, credited to the specific cost center to which the original charge was made. Personal use of university cell phones that does not conflict with university use is permitted, but should be limited in both occurrence and duration and is not a perquisite or entitlement. Any additional costs incurred by the university for personal, non-business-related use of university-provided cell phones must be reimbursed by the employee on a regular basis, no less than semi-annually or when accumulated personal expenses exceed $25, and credited to the specific cost center to which the original expense was charged.

University facilities are primarily for educational activities. When they are not required for regularly planned educational programs, they may be made available for extracurricular use by colleges, departments, and other university units; by organizations composed exclusively of faculty and staff; by organizations which exist solely for the benefit of the university; and by recognized student organizations with the approval of their advisor. Under law, university facilities cannot be made available to other organizations for their own purposes. However, when a facility is not in use for a regularly scheduled educational activity or for an extracurricular use by one of the university organizations listed above, the chancellor may approve the use of the facility when the use serves the educational objectives of the university.

It is an objective of the university to provide opportunities for the university and broader communities to see and hear major leaders of the state, nation and world. Speeches and debates by or on behalf of candidates for major state and national offices may be scheduled in university facilities under arrangements which allow reasonable opportunities for opposing candidates or points of view. It must be made clear that the university neither supports nor opposes the views stated by or the candidacy of such individuals.

Reservation forms for the use of university facilities are available from the Arkansas Union Programs Office, the Office of the Director of the Physical Plant, and from the officials responsible for scheduling university buildings and facilities.

Roofs of buildings and exterior sides of buildings are not intended for general uses. No rooftop research or classroom uses are permitted and no machinery, equipment, antennae, greenhouses or other property may be installed on any roofs or roof edges without the written permission of the director of the physical plant. Rappelling and climbing are specifically prohibited.

In-line skates, roller skates, skateboards and any similar skating equipment may be used on campus or other university property for individual transportation purposes only. Jumping and skating on handrails, walls, benches, fountains, steps and raised surfaces is prohibited, as is skating in buildings, parking structures and parking lots, campus streets and service drives, or other areas with restricting signs.

Pets, other than service animals used by people with disabilities or animals under the control of academic departments and used for approved teaching and research purposes, are prohibited on campus.

While visitors are welcome to campus, you should not have children, other family members or friends as a regular presence in your workplace. Exceptions may be made in response to special circumstances for short periods of time and must be approved by your supervisor.

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