Teamwork and Cooperation

The university operates most effectively and is best able to carry out its responsibilities when you and your co-workers cooperate with each other and function as a team. Teamwork will help you and the other employees you work with perform your jobs more easily and is one of the best ways of improving your department's efficiency and accomplishing the university's goals. Teamwork requires cooperation, and it means that your and every other employee's contribution is important. If you have suggestions for improving your working procedures or for carrying out your responsibilities more efficiently, discuss them with your co-workers and your supervisor. While it may not be possible to implement every good idea or resolve every problem, more can be accomplished when each employee addresses problems with a spirit of good will and an understanding of the value of mutual collaboration.

An important contributing factor to the university's success is the way in which employees get along with each other. The university does not attempt to restrict you with unnecessary rules governing your conduct on the job. However, your attitude toward your work and toward your co-workers can affect your own productivity and that of your entire work unit.

Monday, September 28, 2009 2:07 PM