Employee Assistance Program

The university provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for all employees who are 50% appointed or greater and who are not students. You and members of your immediate family who live in the same household may use the EAP's services. The EAP is designed to help identify and resolve personal and job-related problems that may affect your job performance. These include health, marital, family, financial, legal, emotional, stress, alcohol, drug and other similar concerns.

The EAP also offers training sessions and workshops that address personal and organizational issues that may affect work performance and provides consultation for supervisors dealing with a variety of work-related issues. The EAP will provide stress debriefing in the event of a critical incident that affects the campus.

Use of the EAP is voluntary. Choosing to participate in the programs of the EAP, or not to participate, will not affect your job status or your opportunities for promotion, but it will also not excuse you from following university policies and procedures concerning job performance and conduct. You may decide to make an appointment to visit the EAP or your supervisor may refer you to the EAP if there are problems with your work performance or your conduct at work. However, it is your choice to accept or not accept your supervisor's referral to the EAP. If the EAP refers you to another source of help, the decision to accept that referral is also your own choice and responsibility.

All aspects of your contact with the EAP are confidential and will not be disclosed without your written authorization. An exception is that state and federal laws require, for example, that the EAP report to the appropriate authorities if you make a threat to your own or someone else's life. EAP records are maintained in the EAP offices and will not become a part of, or be referred to in your personnel file, benefits file, medical file or any other file that may be accessed by any individual, department or organization.

You may visit the EAP during work hours if you coordinate your visits with your supervisor. You will not be charged annual leave or sick leave if you make arrangements with our supervisor when you visit the EAP. The EAP may confirm to your supervisor that you kept your appointment and how long the appointment lasted, but not what was discussed during your appointment or the reason you visited the EAP. The EAP can schedule appointments outside of work hours or you may use your accrued sick leave or annual leave if you wish to keep your visits to the EAP confidential.

If you are a benefits-eligible employee, the services of the university's EAP are free to you and members of your household. If the EAP makes a referral to an outside provider, you will be responsible for any costs associated with those services that are not covered by your medical insurance.

Monday, September 28, 2009 2:52 PM