Employee Training and Development

University of Arkansas Human Resources coordinates an on-going program of free or low-cost employee development sessions and courses designed to help you do your work more efficiently and manage your relationships and other life activities more effectively. A training calendar is maintained on the Human Resources website, and you can sign up for classes online. Training opportunities are also listed on the Campus Calendar on the university website and are announced on Arkansas Newswire, which is distributed daily via email. General or customized training is also available to colleges, departments and other university units.

Human Resources sponsors a supervisor development program which offers, each semester, required and elective courses designed to help supervisors increase and improve their skills. A number of other university departments offer short courses and other training opportunities that will help you develop your skills and abilities. Many of these courses and programs are also announced on the training website. For information about scheduled classes and other resources, or to suggest programs that would be helpful to you, email or call the employee development coordinator in Human Resources. The email address is hr.training@uark.edu, and the telephone number is 575-4432.

All staff are encouraged to attend employee development and training sessions offered on campus. Discuss the training schedule with your department head to help determine which training opportunities are related to your work or would be helpful for you to attend.

Friday, May 07, 2010 11:58 AM