Off-campus Duty Assignment

(Board Policy 455.1; Universitywide Administrative Memorandum 435.4)

The president of the university is authorized to assign staff members to duties at locations other than the campus when the relocation is to the benefit of the university.

If you are a faculty member or a nonclassified administrator who has completed six years of continuous full-time employment with the university or six years of continuous full-time service since a previous Off-campus Duty Assignment, you may apply for an Off-campus Duty Assignment. The application must be prepared in accordance with campus regulations available from the vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, and must describe the project which you wish to undertake, where it is to be done, and the anticipated value to you and to the university. To be approved, the proposed assignment must be consonant with the needs, objectives and mission of the campus.

The Off-campus Duty Assignment is a privilege, not a right. A limited number may be approved by the Board of Trustees each year upon the recommendation of the chancellor and the president. Assignments should not exceed one semester (or six months for employees on 12-month appointments) at full salary, or two semesters (or one year for those on 12-month appointments) at half salary. Within 60 days after returning from an Off-campus Duty Assignment, you must submit a written report of your activities and accomplishments during the Off-campus Duty Assignment. In accepting the Off-campus Duty Assignment, you agree to return to the university for at least one year following the end of the assignment.

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