6.6  Merit Pay

(Act 1017 of 2011; Arkansas Code Ann. §21-5-1101)

All pay increases for nonclassified employees are merit-based. 

Classified merit pay increases are based on the employees' performance evaluations. Merit increases are in addition to any cost-of-living (COLA) increases.

Employees who receive an overall rating of satisfactory, above average or exceeds standards are eligible for a merit increase.*

Classified merit increases will be paid as a lump-sum payment, and all merit payments will be considered salary for the purposes of retirement contributions.

Eligibility for Merit Pay (classified) 

  • Employees who have been appointed for at least 12 months (continuously) 
  • Employees who have not received a written performance-based or disciplinary reprimand during the previous 12 month rating period. 

*Note: Because of reductions in state funding resulting in budget constraints, merit pay may not be funded every fiscal year and merit increase amounts may vary. 

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