4.6  Transfers and Lateral Changes

If you are a classified employee, you may transfer to another position classified at the same grade in your department or unit or to a position classified at the same grade in another department or unit; this would be a lateral change. You may also transfer to another state agency or institution. If you transfer to another agency or institution without a break in service (within thirty (30) consecutive working days), you will be considered to have transferred and will retain certain benefits. See also Section 6.3.

  • If you transfer to another position classified at the same grade, in your department or unit, in another department or unit of the university, or in another state agency or institution, your pay will remain the same. 
  • If you transfer to a position at a higher or lower grade in another state agency or institution, the effect on your pay will be the same as if you had been promoted or demoted. 
  • If you transfer from a nonclassified position to a classified position, your new pay will be at a rate within the new classification which does not exceed your previous pay rate or the maximum authorized for the new position. If your previous pay rate was below Level I for the classified position, your classified pay rate will be at Level I. If you transfer to a nonclassified position, your pay will be determined by the department's budget, pay rates for similar positions and your own experience, skills and education, within the constraints of the legislative line-item maximum pay for that position. 
  • If you have left your previous position and transfer to a new one within thirty (30) consecutive working days, you will have all of your unused sick leave reinstated. If you have received a lump sum payment for unused vacation days upon leaving your previous position, you must either wait until the number of days you were paid for have elapsed before beginning your new position or reimburse the agency or institution which awarded you the lump sum vacation pay for any time which has not elapsed since you left your previous position. If you reimburse the agency, your annual leave time will be reinstated.

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