Work References

(Act 1474 of 1999)

With your written permission, a prospective employer who requests it may be given the following information about you as a current or former employee: (a) date and duration of your employment; (b) your current pay rate and wage history; (c) your job description and duties; (e) attendance information; (f) the results of drug or alcohol tests administered within one year of the request; (g) threats of violence, harassing acts or threatening behavior related to your workplace or directed at another employee; (h) whether you were voluntarily or involuntarily separated from employment and the reasons for the separation; and (i) whether you are eligible for rehire.

You must sign and date the consent form, and it will be valid only for the length of time that you are considered an active applicant by the prospective employer, but for no longer than six months.

The university or any other state agency which discloses this information about you will be presumed, under Act 1474 of 1999, to be acting in good faith and will be immune from civil liability unless it can be shown that the information disclosed was false and that the university or other state agency had knowledge of its falsity or acted with malice or reckless disregard for the truth.

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