4.4  Promotions

If you are a classified staff employee, there are three methods by which you may be promoted: 

  1. You may be promoted, by your department head, to another position in your department or unit which is classified at a higher grade if you meet the state minimum qualifications for that position. This is called an internal promotion. The position that is left vacant by your promotion will be advertised, except when it has been filled internally, left vacant by the department or eliminated. 
  2. You may apply for a position in another area of the university which is classified at a higher grade or for a nonclassified position. If you meet the state minimum qualifications and are selected for the position, your transfer to that position will also be a promotion for you.

    Your new rate of pay will be at least the minimum level for your new grade, and shall not exceed the maximum level of your new grade. If your new classification is higher than your previous one, your pay will increase by up to 10%. If your promotion results from the reclassification of your current job or a class upgrade, your increase will be up to 10% or entry of the new classification, whichever is higher.. If your new job is nonclassified, your pay will be determined by the department's budget, pay rates for similar positions and your own experience, skills and education, within the constraints of the legislative line-item maximum pay for that position. See also Section 6.3.
  3. Your current position may be reclassified to a higher grade if the duties and responsibilities of your job change significantly either in nature or level.  A Human Resources representative conducts an audit of a position when the position's duties have changed significantly enough that a reclassification may be necessary. The audit generally consists of an interview between the incumbent in the position and the Human Resources representative during which the duties, responsibilities and changes in the position are discussed. After this meeting, the Human Resources representative will meet with the supervisor of the position to discuss the position.

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