4.1  Application Procedures

University of Arkansas position vacancies are posted on the university website at  http://hr.uark.edu/careers/apply/index.php.

When applying for university positions, applicants will be directed to https://jobs.uark.edu to create an account and complete an online application. The application may be completed from any computer with Internet access.  The applicant will need to complete the application and apply for the position(s) in which they are interested.  If the hiring department is requesting a resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation or other document relative to the position, the applicant will be required to upload the required document(s) at the time of application.  A confirmation number is generated upon submission when the application is complete. 

Applicants may log into their account at any time to monitor the status of their applications.  All applicants must meet the minimum qualifications stated in the position announcements. Applicants should ensure that all relevant application materials include details addressing the minimum qualifications.  Applicants not meeting the minimum qualifications will be disqualified from consideration. 

The hiring department will be responsible for scheduling an interview, checking references and following hiring procedures.   

If you are currently a university employee, you may apply for any vacant position by following the procedures outlined above. See also Section 4.4 Promotions.

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