Appointed and Extra-help Hourly Employees

University employees may be appointed or extra-help hourly. Both categories of employees may work full-time or part-time.

Appointed employees include faculty, staff and administrators who are on salary and are paid once a month. If their appointments are half-time (50%) or greater, they are eligible to participate in the university's fringe benefits program.

Extra-help hourly employees are hired on a temporary, as-needed basis, are paid semi-monthly for the hours they actually work, and are not eligible to participate in the university's fringe benefits program. However, non-student extra-help hourly employees are eligible for pay for university holidays, equivalent to the number of hours per day they usually work, provided they work the scheduled day before and the scheduled day after a university holiday, and provided they usually work twenty hours (half-time) or more per week. Hourly employees may also participate in the university's retirement plan, although their contributions will not be matched. Undergraduate students taking 12 hours or more are not eligible to participate in the retirement plan. Extra-help hourly employees cannot work more than 1,250 hours in a fiscal year, which begins July 1. Both the employee and the hiring department will be notified before the 1,250 hour limit is reached, and the employee will sign a letter of termination upon receiving the last paycheck allowable under the 1,250 hour limit.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 4:29 PM