2.2  Classified and Nonclassified Staff

All university titles are authorized by the Arkansas General Assembly in the campus biennial appropriations act and are designated as classified or nonclassified.

Classified staff positions are grouped or classed under the Higher Education Uniform Classification and Compensation Act (Act 599 of 2017) with positions that have similar duties and responsibilities and that require similar knowledge, abilities, skills, education and experience. Each classification is assigned to one of 30 pay grades which has a minimum and a maximum pay level. Section 6.1 of this handbook provides more detailed information about the pay grades.

Nonclassified staff positions are not assigned to a pay grade, but each nonclassified title has a maximum salary for each year of the biennium, called a line-item maximum, which is specified in the campus appropriations act. The actual pay for each nonclassified position is determined by the University and department budget and by the employee's qualifications; it is not usually as high as the line-item maximum. Faculty titles and most administrative titles are also nonclassified.

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