University Athletics Tickets

Tickets are required for admission to men's and women's athletic events, and the availability of tickets for some events is limited. Full-time appointed employees and employees who meet the criteria for retirement privileges or are given the emeritus rank may purchase up to two non-premium season books of tickets to football at half-price with no seat value donation if the season ticket seats were originally purchased for the fall 2010 semester football season or before, and at full-price with no seat value donation if the season ticket seats are purchased for the fall 2011 semester football season or any season thereafter. Further, employees may purchase up to two non-premium season books at half price for men's basketball, and discounted season ticket books to baseball games. Half-time appointed employees may purchase one season book to each of these sporting events with adherence to the same pricing structure. All employees are occasionally offered discounted or free tickets to individual women's softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball games and gymnastic meets. In certain instances, the difference between the discounted price of tickets and the full price may be taxable.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 3:41 PM