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Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook is available online from the Office of the Provost. 

Staff Handbook

Section Title Date Keywords
1 Introduction s01
1.1 The Staff Handbook 2023/02/27 s01 intro, introduction, overview, conflict, conflicts, handbook, information, university policies, procedures, employment, benefits, programs, services Introduction
1.2 The University of Arkansas System 2015/03/18 s01 History, Fayetteville, Arkansas General Assembly, Arkansas Industrial University, Morrill Act, 1862, state land-grant institution, Little Rock University, Little Rock, Helena, Hope, Gateway Technical College, Community College at Batesville, Petit Jean Technical College, Morrilton, Cassatot Community College, De Queen, Nashville, Ashdown, Pine Bluff Introduction
1.3 The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 2018/09/09 s01 academic heritage, location, locations, homestead, accreditation, degrees, studies, distance education, units, vision, research, outreach, academic Introduction
1.4 University Governance 2017/06/20 s01 Faculty, Faculty Senate, Students, Student Senate, Staff, Staff Senate, Campus Council Introduction
1.5 University Committees 2017/06/20 s01 councils, campus governance, staff, staff senate, administration Introduction
2 Key Definitions s02
2.1 Faculty, Administrators and Staff 2023/06/23 s02 employee categories, faculty, staff, administration, categories Key Definitions
2.2 Staff Titles and Salaries 2023/06/09 s02 compensation, pay grade, line-item maximum, line item, salary Key Definitions
2.3 Appointed and Extra-help Hourly Employees 2015/02/06 s02 salary, appointments, part-time, part time, temp, temporary Key Definitions
2.4 Exempt and Non-exempt Employees 2023/02/27 s02 Arkansas Office of Personnel Management, opm, Fair Labor Standards Act, flsa, overtime, extra-time, 40 hours Key Definitions
2.5 Professional and Consultant Services 2017/06/20 s02 one-time, short-term, pay, honoraria Key Definitions
2.6 Periods of Employment 2019/01/17 s02 12-month, twelve month, 9-month, nine month, appointment, appointments, semester, summer, fall, spring, grant, project Key Definitions
3 General Employment Policies s03
3.1 Eligibility for Employment 2023/02/07 s03 Immigration Reform and Control Act, federal law, form i-9, i-9, documents, passport, Non-resident aliens General Employment Policies
3.2 Arkansas Right to Work Law 2017/12/16 s03 protects, protection, discrimination, membership, labor union, union General Employment Policies
3.3 Age Requirements 2015/03/26 s03 minimum age, employment, 16 years, applicants, work permit, U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act, Age Discrimination General Employment Policies
3.4 Personnel Records 2017/06/20 s03 promotion, transfer, investigation, settlement, grievance, complaint, investigating, compensation, claims, Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, disclosure, subpoena, court order General Employment Policies
3.5 Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity 2023/02/27 s03 Non-Discrimination Policy, non-discrimination, investigate, recruiting, hiring, promotions, training, transfers, equal employment General Employment Policies
3.6 Sex Discrimination; Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault   2023/03/23 s03 prohibit, eliminate, policy, implicitly, explicitly, conduct, hostile, environment General Employment Policies
3.7 Under Revision 2016/12/19 s03 policy, Report, Evidence, counseling, advocacy, Education, Awareness, conduct General Employment Policies
3.8 Drug-Free Workplace 2023/02/27 s03 abuse, controlled substance, violation, Policy, substances General Employment Policies
3.9 Alcohol Use 2017/12/16 s03 federal laws, university policies, possession, consumption, prohibited, dismissal, abuse General Employment Policies
3.10 Smoking 2017/06/20 s03 tobacco-free, second-hand smoke, smoke, Arkansas Clean Air on Campus Act, prohibits, prohibited, campus, on-campus General Employment Policies
3.11 Campus Violence 2023/02/27 s03 Threats, Intimidation, Physical Attack, Property Damage, Domestic violence, Relationship Violence, Disturbing Behavior, Disruptive Behavior, Reporting, Confidentiality, Retaliation General Employment Policies
3.12 Weapons 2015/03/20 s03 firearms, ammunition, fireworks, incendiary devices, knives, tear, self-defense General Employment Policies
3.13 Campus Notification about Registered Sex Offenders and Residential Restrictions for Registered Sex Offenders 2017/12/16 s03 Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, Arkansas Code, Board Policy, notification, Level 3, Level 4 General Employment Policies
3.14 Health and Safety 2015/03/27 s03 report, injuries, potentially unsafe, hazardous, hazardous conditions, criminal activities General Employment Policies
3.15 Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) 2017/12/16 s03 conflict of interest, salaries, decisions, retain, promote General Employment Policies
3.16 Employment of Constitutional Officers and Spouses 2015/03/18 s03 governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, treasurer of state, attorney general, commissioner of state lands, auditor of state, Arkansas House of Representatives, Arkansas Senate, Joint Budget Committee, Legislative Council General Employment Policies
3.17 Conflicts of Interest and Commitment 2023/02/27 s03 unethical, illegal, Disclosure, Remediation, Guidelines, review, approval General Employment Policies
3.18 Outside Employment 2023/07/05 s03 conflict of interest, performance, income, disclosure, compensation General Employment Policies
3.19 Employment by Two University Departments or Two State Agencies or Institutions 2019/05/28 s03 approval, institutions, departments, concurrently, performance, primary, sick leave General Employment Policies
3.20 Job Sharing 2010/04/30 s03 two people, arrange, position, part-time, full-time, positions, hourly General Employment Policies
4 Employment Policies and Procedures s04
4.1 Application Procedures 2023/07/12 s04 vacant, vacancies, positions, applying, classified, non-classified, applicants, qualifications Employment Policies and Procedures
4.2 Recruitment and Selection 2023/07/11 s04 positions, classified, non-classified, affirmative action, promotion, transfer Employment Policies and Procedures
4.3 Performance Reviews 2021/09/21 s04 evaluation, process, continuously, standards, performance, pay-increase, raises, reprimand, supervisor, performance rating, rating, appeals, probation Employment Policies and Procedures
4.4 Rehires 2023/07/11 s04 left, hired, rehire, rehired Employment Policies and Procedures
4.5 Work References 2023/07/11 s04 prospective employer, request, employment, dates, pay rate, wage, job description, duties, voluntary, involuntary, disclose, disclosure Employment Policies and Procedures
5 Scheduling Policies s05
5.1 Work Hours 2015/03/20 s05 governor's policy, policy, directive, work week, schedule, flexing, flex, lunch Scheduling Policies
5.2 Flexible Work Arrangement, Including Remote Work 2023/02/27 s05 schedule, pattern, overtime, hardship, writing, supervisor Scheduling Policies
5.3 Overtime 2023/02/27 s05 non-exempt, compensatory, hours, approval, form, Arkansas law, accrue, maximum, compensated Scheduling Policies
5.4 Absence from Work 2023/02/27 s05 absent, notification, notified, disciplinary action, unauthorized Scheduling Policies
5.5 Inclement Weather 2017/06/20 s05 conditions, operations, annual leave, excused absence, delayed opening, early dismissal, closure, weather essential, event essential, emergency Scheduling Policies
5.6 Attendance at Meetings and Conferences 2015/03/26 s05 reimburse, travel, expenses Scheduling Policies
6 Compensation Policies s06
6.1 Designation of Salary Levels by Position 2023/07/12 s06 Uniform Classification and Compensation Act, Classified, maximum salaries, Positions, budgets, budget Compensation Policies
6.2 Compensation upon Rehire 2023/07/11 s06 returns, return, state service, qualified, re-employment Compensation Policies
6.3 Shift Differentials 2023/07/11 s06 promoted, maximum annual salary, maximum, salary, Shift Differential, Rehired, rehiring Compensation Policies
6.5 Merit Pay 2023/12/07 s06 pay increases, non-classified, Eligibility, classified Compensation Policies
6.6 Career Service Recognition Payments 2023/07/11 s06 full-time appointed, position, positions, payment, bonus Compensation Policies
6.7 Procedures for Issuing Pay 2023/07/11 s06 monthly, schedule, bank, accounts, direct deposit, direclty desposited, payroll, paycheck Compensation Policies
6.8 Payroll Deductions 2023/07/11 s06 withhold, pay, federal and state income taxes, federal taxes, state taxes, income tax, tax, social security, Meidcare, earnings Compensation Policies
6.9 Salary Overpayments and Other Amounts Owed to the University 2023/07/11 s06 salary payment errors, notify, recover, collection, deduction, deducted, repayment Compensation Policies
6.10 Garnishments and Salary Liens 2023/07/11 s06 wages, due, court order, taxes, bankruptcy, child support, dismissal, lien, liens Compensation Policies
6.11 Travel Expenses Advances and Reimbursement 2023/07/11 s06 appointed faculty, classified, non-classified, hourly employees, graduate assistants, work-study, hourly paid students, deducted, domestic, international Compensation Policies
7 Paid and Unpaid Leave s07
7.1 University Holidays 2023/02/27 s07 annual leave, schedule, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's, Martin Luther King Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day, governor, additional hours, leave, pay, proportionate Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.2 Annual Leave 2023/06/08 s07 appointed classified, full-time, appointed non-classified, cumulative, transfer, termination, retirement, resignation, death, lump sum, unused, vacation Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.3 Sick Leave 2023/02/07 s07 earned, accrual, prorated, sick time, charged, request, supervisor, absent, absence, illness, injury, doctor, appointment, funeral Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.4 Leave for Organ or Bone Marrow Donation 2009/09/28 s07 additional leave, pay, accrual Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.5 Bereavement Leave 2015/03/20 s07 death, immediate family, mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, child, grandchild, grandparents, funeral Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.6 Family and Medical Leave 2023/02/27 s07 FMLA, birth, child, care, newborn child, adoption, foster care, spouse, health condition, active duty, deployment, coverage Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.7 Parental Leave 2023/02/27 s07 paternity, annual, accumulated, FMLA, return, modified, assignment, assignments Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.8 Court and Jury Leave 2017/12/16 s07 subpoenaed, subpoena, witness, deposition, appearance, appearances, service, excused, Deposition, Depositions, statement, statements Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.9 Leave for Children's Educational Activities 2015/03/20 s07 full-time, benefits-eligible, benefits, assist, attend, conferences, tutoring, volunteer, field trip, field trips, music, theater Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.10 Military Leave 2017/12/16 s07 National Guard, Reserve, Armed Forces, drafted, reinstated, emergency, contingency, released, disability Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.11 Leave for Members of the Air Force Civil Air Patrol and Coast Guard Auxillaries 2015/03/20 s07 leave of absence, pay, training programs, emergency Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.12 Disaster Service Volunteer Leave 2015/03/20 s07 American Red Cross, Red Cross, disaster relief Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.13 Leave of Absence Without Pay 2023/07/05 s07 extended absence, Necessary, health conditions, birth, placement, annual leave, insurance, benefits, terminated Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.14 Educational Leave 2017/12/16 s07 training, beneficial, Payments, tuition, fees, books, transportation, graduate study Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.15 Off-campus Duty Assignment 2017/12/16 s07 relocation, application, apply, regulations, project, privilege, written report Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.16 Workers' Compensation 2023/02/27 s07 injury, injured, ill, illness, sick, sickness, medical, medical care, Leave, absence, Procedure, reporting, on-the-job, Medical Providers, insurance Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.17 Catastrophic Leave Bank 2023/02/27 s07 donate, accrued, sick leave, annual leave, illness, Eligibility, Donations, pay, benefits Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.18 Voting 2015/03/20 s07 polls, working hours, permitted, time, permitted, notify, vote Paid and Unpaid Leave
7.19 Leave Reporting 2023/02/27 s07 approved, form, supervisor, law Paid and Unpaid Leave
8 Other Employee Benefits s08
8.1 Social Security 2015/03/20 s08 covered, Medicare, tax, coverage, matching Other Employee Benefits
8.2 Flexible Spending Accounts 2015/03/20 s08 pre-tax, medical, dependents, spouse, expenses Other Employee Benefits
8.3 Health Insurance 2023/02/27 s08 UMR, medical plan, medical, Classic Plan, Point of Service Plan, PPO, eligibility, benefits Other Employee Benefits
8.4 Vision Care 2015/03/17 s08 eye examinations, glasses, contact lenses, frames, insurance, medical Other Employee Benefits
8.5 Long-term Disability Insurance 2017/12/16 s08 benefits, optional, coverage, Payments, disabled Other Employee Benefits
8.6 Life Insurance 2017/06/21 s08 basic term, enrollment, beneficiaries, benefits, additional, dependents, spouse Other Employee Benefits
8.7 Retirement Benefits 2023/02/27 s08 appointment, enrollment, plan, salary, account, match, contribution, sponsors, tax, tax deferred, after tax, Other Employee Benefits
8.8 Enrollment in University Courses 2023/02/27 s08 spouse, dependent children, eligible, education benefits, rates, enroll, tuition, admission, credits, semester, eligibility, working Other Employee Benefits
8.9 Employee Assistance Program 2015/03/20 s08 EAP, health, marital, family, financial, legal, emotional, stress, alcohol, drug, concerns, personal, organizational, voluntary, confidential Other Employee Benefits
8.10 New Employee Orientation 2023/02/27 s08 scheduled, schedule, working, enroll, session, getting started, start, employment, papers, forms Other Employee Benefits
8.11 Employee Training and Development 2017/06/21 s08 sessions, courses, effectively, effective, work, working, opportunities Other Employee Benefits
8.12 Dual Career Employment Network 2023/02/27 s08 relocated, relocating, relocation, assistance, free, referral, opportunities, businesses, agencies, schools, resume Other Employee Benefits
8.13 Unemployment Compensation 2015/03/20 s08 insurance, fund, eligible, claim Other Employee Benefits
9 Employee Conduct s09
9.1 Use of the University's Name and Logos 2018/02/07 s09 trademark, logo, seal, advertising, sponsorship, public appearance, official statement Employee Conduct
9.2 Use of University Property and Facilities 2023/02/27 s09 equipment, phones, vehicles, personal use, collect call, facility, candidates, roofs, skates, pets, visitors Employee Conduct
9.3 Serving the Public 2015/03/18 s09 public, public relations, public interactions Employee Conduct
9.4 Handling Confidential Information 2015/03/18 s09 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, confidentiality, confidential information, FERPA, Buckley Amendment, educational records, grades Employee Conduct
9.5 The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act 2023/02/27 s09 Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, FOIA, public records, personnel records, personal privacy, medical records, disclosure Employee Conduct
9.6 Political Activities 2018/01/02 s09 political activity, political posters, political bumper stickers, political contributions, public office, elected, General Assembly Employee Conduct
9.7 Relations with Legislators and Elected Officials 2015/03/18 s09 freedom of expression, Arkansas General Assembly, Office of Governmental Relations, elected officials Employee Conduct
9.8 Whistleblower Protection and Fraud Reporting 2017/06/21 s09 Employee Conduct
9.9 Code of Computing Practices 2023/06/29 s09 computing, computing resources, shared resources, personal Web page, email, mailing list, newsgroup, password, virus, intimidation Employee Conduct
9.10 Solicitation, Fundraising and Gifts 2017/06/21 s09 gifts, donors, receipt, alumni, fundraising, solicitation Employee Conduct
9.11 Teamwork and Cooperation 2015/03/19 s09 co-workers, teamwork, cooperation, team, efficiency, conduct, productivity Employee Conduct
9.12 Criminal Arrests, Charges or Convictions 2015/03/19 s09 criminal arrests, criminal charges, criminal convictions Employee Conduct
9.13 University Code of Ethical Conduct 2018/08/18 s09 ethical standards, conduct, principles of conduct, fairness, accountability, transparency, laws, rules, regulations, professionalism, unauthorized, public disclosures, Internal Audit Department Employee Conduct
10 Termination of Employment s10
10.1 Retirement 2017/12/16 s10 retire, retirement, mandatory retirement, benefits Termination of Employment
10.2 Early Retirement 2019/06/08 s10 retirement, nontenured, voluntary, benefits, voluntary early retirement, window incentive period Termination of Employment
10.3 Employee Resignation 2023/02/27 s10 resign, working conditions, job dissatisfaction, re-employment, grievance officer, Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance Termination of Employment
10.4 Termination of Employment by the University 2023/06/08 s10 employment-at-will, employment termination, hourly, termination, full-time, part-time, performance reviews, insubordination, misconduct Termination of Employment
10.5 Retrenchment 2023/07/05 s10 reallocations of resources, financial exigency, mission change, employment opportunities, retrenchment, eliminate jobs Termination of Employment
10.6 Termination Checklist 2023/02/27 s10 identification card, keys, library books, uniforms, parking permit, hangtag, termination, BASIS Termination of Employment
10.7 Continuation of Benefits 2015/03/19 s10 termination, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, COBRA, medical insurance plan, eligible for coverage, benefits Termination of Employment
10.8 Termination Pay 2023/02/27 s10 termination, annual leave, compensatory time, unused leave, debts, final paycheck Termination of Employment
10.9 Re-employment 2015/03/19 s10 employment, termination, good standing, re-employment Termination of Employment
11 Staff Grievance Procedure s11
11.1 Staff Grievance Procedure 2023/05/18 s11 grievances, resolve complaints, resolve problems Staff Grievance Procedure
11.2 Informal Resolution Procedure 2016/08/19 s11 grievance, grievant, grievance panel, grievance committee, grievance officer, grievance record, Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance, resolution Staff Grievance Procedure
11.3 Formal Grievance Procedure 2018/04/11 s11 grievance, grievant, grievance panel, grievance committee, grievance officer, grievance record, Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance, resolution Staff Grievance Procedure
11.4 The Staff Grievance Hearing Procedure 2016/08/19 s11 grievance, grievant, grievance panel, grievance committee, grievance officer, grievance record, Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance, resolution Staff Grievance Procedure
12 Campus Services and Facilities s12
12.1 Parking on Campus 2015/03/23 s12 parking permit, payroll deduction, vehicle, accessible parking permit, Transit and Parking Department, Center for Educational Access Campus Services and Facilities
12.2 Razorback Transit System 2017/06/21 s12 bus, campus bus, fixed-route bus service, on-campus, on campus, off-campus, off campus, schedule, fare, schedule, route, Parking and Transit Department, wheelchair lift, paratransit van, paratransit service Campus Services and Facilities
12.3 University Police 2015/03/25 s12 University of Arkansas Police Department, emergency telephone, campus emergency, crowd control, escort service, harassment, vandalism Campus Services and Facilities
12.4 Environmental Health and Safety 2015/03/25 s12 unsafe conditions, Environmental Health and Safety, safety procedures, fire prevention, fire extinguisher, hazardous materials, chemical handling and storage, laboratory animals, laboratory chemicals, biological waste, radioactive waste, hazardous waste, radiation Campus Services and Facilities
12.5 Lost and Found 2015/03/25 s12 physical plant, lost, found Campus Services and Facilities
12.6 Campus Information 2015/03/25 s12 prospective students, visitors, campus events, bulletin boards, emergency phones Campus Services and Facilities
12.7 Printing, Copying Services and Promotional Items 2017/10/02 s12 design, layout, printing, copying, duplicating, copying machines, copying centers, copying machines Campus Services and Facilities
12.8 Mailing and Postal Services 2015/03/25 s12 mail, post office, campus mail, post, send mail, pmcs Campus Services and Facilities
12.9 University Publication 2017/06/21 s12 yearbook, publications, websites, official website, newswire, traveler, newspaper Campus Services and Facilities
12.10 Libraries 2017/11/21 s12 library, chemistry library, fine arts library, learning resources, physics library, law library, branch library, infolinks, catalogs, library catalog, indexing, abstract, abstracting database Campus Services and Facilities
12.11 Bookstore 2015/03/25 s12 bookstore, textbook, computer store, computer repair, hardware, software, discount, supplies Campus Services and Facilities
12.12 Cultural Activities 2017/06/21 s12 activities, educational activities, art exhibits, art shows, performances, symposium Campus Services and Facilities
12.13 Recreational Facilities 2023/02/27 s12 recreation center, gym, exercise, fitness, hper, urec, intramural, sports Campus Services and Facilities
12.14 University Athletics Tickets 2015/03/25 s12 tickets, games, football, season tickets, ticket price, basketball, discount Campus Services and Facilities
12.15 University Health Center 2015/03/25 s12 health center, doctor, illness, injury, clinic Campus Services and Facilities
12.16 Banking and Razorbuck$ 2015/03/25 s12 atm, razorbucks, debit card, cash Campus Services and Facilities
12.17 UARK Federal Credit Union 2020/02/17 s12 credit union, bank, savings account, traveler's checks, auto loan, mortgage Campus Services and Facilities
12.18 University Identification Cards 2015/03/25 s12 id, id card, i.d., staff id card, identification, card, card office Campus Services and Facilities
12.19 Keys 2015/03/25 s12 key, key office, key card, office key, building key Campus Services and Facilities