Parental Leave

The Catastrophic Leave Program has been expanded to allow the use of the Catastrophic Leave Bank for paid parental leave. Parental leave is to provide care and facilitate bonding in connection with the birth of an employee’s biological child or placement of an adoptive child in an employee’s home. An eligible employee may receive up to four consecutive weeks of paid leave (160 hours) within the first twelve weeks after the birth of the employee’s biological child or placement of an adoptive child in the employee’s home. If two employees are the parents of the child, the leave must be shared between the two employees.

Please note that the employee’s biological child or adoptive child must be added to the employee’s insurance as a dependent within 31 days of the child’s birth or placement. Please contact a Benefits Partner for assistance.

Applying for Parental Leave

  • An individual must have been employed by the University of Arkansas or another state agency/institution in a full-time (100% appointed) benefits-eligible position for a minimum of one year.
  • An eligible employee must not have been disciplined for any leave abuse during the past one-year period from the date of application.

The Absence Partner in Human Resources will confirm that the eligibility requirements are met before presenting an application for parental leave to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.

  1. Complete the Parental Leave application. You may also request the application from the Absence Partner by calling 479-575-5351.
  2. Submit the completed application to the Absence Partner in Human Resources, located in room 222 of the Administration Building or digitally to
  3. Provide documentation of the birth or adoption. This requirement may be satisfied by one of the following:
    • A simple statement to the Absence Partner by phone, email, or text stating that the birth or adoption has occurred; or
    • A copy of the child’s hospital-issued birth record; or
    • A copy of a government-issued birth certificate; or
    • A court document.

It is the employee’s choice whether to provide a simple statement or other documentation.

  • Applications for Parental Leave may be submitted to the Absence PartnerSubmit prior to the birth or adoption of an employee’s child but must be submitted (and all paid Parental Leave under the program must be utilized) within the first 12 weeks of birth or adoption.
  • An employee must submit documentation of the birth or adoption before Parental Leave will be granted.
  • Completed applications for Parental Leave are reviewed and keyed into Workday monthly prior to the payroll dealine.

The Absence Partner will present applications for Parental Leave to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources for a decision. All applicants and supervisors will receive correspondence from the Human Resources Absence Partner on the status of the request.

Catastrophic and Parental Leave policy