Supervising Employees

Supervisors at the University of Arkansas are responsible for hiring, managing, developing and evaluating appointed or hourly employees assigned to them. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to set expectations for employee performance, provide the necessary resources for employees to complete their work, monitor employee progress and offer regular feedback.

Staff Positions

Staff positions are not assigned to a pay grade, but each title has a maximum salary for each year of the biennium, called a line-item maximum, which is specified in the campus appropriation act.  The actual pay for each position is determined by the University and department budget and by the employee's qualifications; it is not usually as high as the line-item maximum. 

All position descriptions are managed through Workday; managing evaluations for staff positions in Workday is encouraged, but not required.

Employees with a 50% or greater appointment are benefits-eligible.

Extra Help Hourly Positions

Extra help hourly employees are hired on a temporary as-needed basis and may not work more than 1,250 hours in a fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Hourly employees are paid semi-monthly and are benefits-ineligible except for holiday pay (available for non-students). Temporary employment classification descriptions are matched to a starting and maximum hourly pay grid. Hourly employees are eligible to participate in the employee development program.

Supervisor Resources

The Staff Handbook provides information about university policies and procedures related to employment, employee benefits, and programs and services available to supervisors and staff.  Additional policies related to supervising staff are available in Fayetteville Policies and Procedures. Policies on faculty employment can be found in Academic Policies

The Supervisor Development Program is designed to educate participants about the skills, knowledge and resources needed to be effective in leading and coaching other employees, while maintaining compliance with federal and state laws and university procedures.