Changes to a Position

Position Audit

Human Resources conducts an audit of a position when the position's duties have changed significantly enough that a reclassification may be necessary. The audit generally consists of an interview between the incumbent in the position and the Human Resources representative, during which the duties, responsibilities and changes in the position are discussed. After this meeting, the Human Resources representative will meet with the supervisor of the position to discuss the position.


Reclassification is the reassignment of a position to a different classification when duties and responsibilities have significantly changed either in nature or level.


Office of Personnel Management (OPM) policy 10.07 section 210 subsection 5.1 states that the allocation of a position to a particular class may be changed by the OPM between legislative sessions to assure correct classification, provided that no position is reclassified to a grade higher than that grade authorized by the General Assembly. The policy is based on Arkansas Code Annotated § 21-5-1402.

When a position is needed at the university due to a reclassification of a classified or new classified position request that is not currently authorized in the Campus Appropriation Act, it is necessary to give up (trade) a position that is authorized in order to obtain the new position. The title given up must be assigned to a grade equal to or higher than the title that is being requested.