Provisional Positions

Provisional positions are positions not authorized at the time of passage of the Higher Ed Campus Appropriation Act, but which may be authorized by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) if additional funds, private gifts, grants or collections become available during the biennium.

Section 3 of Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-63-305 subsection (a) states that in the event that additional funds, grants or collections become available that were not authorized or contemplated at the time of passage of the biennial Appropriation Act for operations for each institution enumerated in subsection (b) of the section, such new funds make it possible for the recipient institution to engage in education projects that would make it necessary to employ additional personnel.

Provisional positions may be established if:

  • A request for a specific position, title and salary has been requested by the institution of higher education, approved by the institution's board of trustees, recommended by the Department of Higher Education and reported to the Legislative Council; and
  • The salary rates for these positions do not exceed the highest maximum annual salary rate.