Departments with a need for temporary extra help can request a RazorTemp.  RazorTemps are applicants who have indicated an interest in temporary employment and have been screened by the RazorTemp recruitment team.

Requesting a RazorTemp

To request a RazorTemp please complete an online RazorTemp Request Form.  If you have any questions, please email  rzrtemps@uark.edu or call Human Resources at 479-575-5351 and ask to speak with a RazorTemps Representative.  We are ready to help and can answer any questions you may have.  If you choose to make the request through email, please include the projected start date, projected end date, a wage rate and a brief description of the position.  Include minimum qualifications or special instructions if necessary.  The RazorTemp team will fill your request as quickly as possible. Time to fill is dependent on various factors including: position requested, RazorTemp pool, required background checks and approvals in Workday.

Once a candidate is approved by the department, the RazorTemp team administers all pre-employment screenings, new hire paperwork and university onboarding, including activating the RazorTemp's UARK account to access email.  Typically we ask that the department request any specific Workday or UAConnect access as needed.

Managing a RazorTemp

A RazorTemp representative monitors the RazorTemp's job performance, attendance and behavior. If the temporary employee is not satisfactory, the RazorTemp representative handles dismissal and/or reassignment.


The RazorTemp is responsible for logging hours on a daily basis using Workday.  If the RazorTemp doesn't have access to Workday, they should contact the leave representative for the department.  At the end of each pay period, a RazorTemp representative will approve the hours in Workday and send an email for the on-site manager to approve the hours via email

RazorTemps are paid directly by HR. After payroll is complete, a labor distribution is processed for the hourly wages and applicable fringe.  RazorTemp employee payroll checks are distributed via direct deposit or on rare occasion via mail to the address in their employee file.  


RazorTemp service fees are billed on a bi-monthly basis through an internal departmental invoice based on the previous payroll wages. There is a 5% discount for departments with six or more RazorTemps.

The fees for RazorTemp Services are:

  • 35% for wages between $11.00 and $12.99
  • 30% for wages between $13.00 and $14.99
  • 25% for wages $15.00 or higher

The RazorTemp Service Quotes form automatically calculates the wages, fringe benefits for non-students and fees for the assignment duration based on the entered estimates.

Ending an Assignment

RazorTemp assignments can continue beyond the time requested or end sooner. Departments should communicate changes in the assignment to the RazorTemp representative as soon as possible.