Vision Insurance

The University of Arkansas vision care plan, administrated by Superior Vision, covers eye examinations, prescription eyewear and contact lenses. Employees who enroll in the university's vision plan choose between the Basic Plan and the Enhanced Plan. The Superior Vision Insurance Summary provides a benefit overview of both plans.

Enrollment and Provider Selection

Vision plan enrollment is effective for a calendar year. Once enrolled, you cannot cancel coverage or delete eligible dependents until the end of the calendar year.

Employees enrolled in the vision plan choose an eye care provider from a broad-based network of both ophthalmologists and optometrists. To choose a provider or ensure that your current provider is in the Superior Vision network, call 800-507-3800 or go to In the blue Locate a Provider box on the top right, select Superior Vision National from the drop-down menu, enter your ZIP code and click Locate. Scroll down to see the results. Click Advanced Search to select a wider search area of two to 40 miles.

Superior Vision In-network Provider

  • Identify yourself to the in-network provider as a member of the Superior Vision Plan using your ID card or providing your name, employer name and your unique identification number. All covered family members can use your ID card.
  • The provider will contact Superior Vision to verify your eligibility and obtain an authorization number. The in-network provider will submit your claims.
  • Pay the provider directly for any appropriate co-payments or charges above the covered benefits.

Out-of-network Provider

Discounts vary by provider, and not all providers participate in the discount program. Discounts are subject to change without notice and do not apply when prohibited by the manufacturer.


  • A discount of 20% off amount over the plan's frames allowance

Lens Options and Upgrades

  • A discount of 20% off retail rate (includes lined trifocal lenses)
  • Fixed price standard options on standard plastic lenses include:
    • Factory scratch coat, $13
    • UV coat, $15
    • Anti-reflective, $50
    • Glass coloring, $35
    • Solid and gradient tints, $25
  • Fixed price standard options on standard single vision lenses include:
    • High index 1.6, $55
    • Polycarbonate, $40
    • Photochromic, $80

Discounts on Non-covered Exams and Materials (Off Retail Prices)

  • Exams, frames and prescription lenses, 30%
  • Lens options, contacts and other prescription materials, 20%
  • Disposable contact lenses, 10%

Refractive Surgery Discounts

Superior Vision Services has a nationwide network of refractive surgeons who offer discounts between 5 and 50% for LASIK surgery.

If you have a problem or concern regarding a claim, call Superior Vision customer service at 800-507-3800. If you disagree with the decision or explanation provided by the customer service representative, or if you have a complaint about other issues regarding your insurance, you can request a grievance review.

Request a Formal Grievance Review

A grievance may be submitted to Superior Vision by or on behalf of a covered person within one year of the date of treatment, event or circumstance giving rise to the grievance, for example, the date of the claim denial. The preferred option is to send your appeal in writing to:

Superior Vision Services, Inc.
Administrator for NGLIC 11101
White Rock Road
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670
Attn:  QI Committee

You may also fax your appeal to Superior Vision at 916-852-2290 or email Include the following information:

  • Name of insured/subscriber
  • ID number of insured
  • Name of patient
  • Name of provider/practice
  • Address of provider (street, city, state)
  • Date of service
  • Description of grievance and issue, such as:
    • Quality of care
    • Level of service
    • Claims dispute
    • A concern or observation

Include specific names of individuals involved and any steps you have already taken to remedy the issue or dispute if applicable.

Superior Vision will send confirmation within 15 business days in writing or by email that your appeal has been received.


Superior Vision
PO Box 967
Rancho Cordova
Phone: 800-507-3800
TDD Phone: 916-852-2382