Diversity Certificate Program

The Employee Development Program offers a Diversity Certificate Program designed to develop and recognize commitment to the university's diversity initiative. The program consists of a combination of training and/or self-study, as well as community service, in each of the diversity values statement areas.


There is no time limit for earning the diversity certificate, and participants are encouraged to work at their own pace.


All program participants develop a portfolio documenting completion of the program requirements. After meeting two requirements, participants will have a great deal of creative freedom in creating and presenting their diversity portfolios. The two requirements are:

  • Documenting training participation in each diversity topics by providing signatures, certificates or other proof of participation
  • Providing a written summary of what was learned, as well as a justification for the topics covered for any self-study or generalized diversity training

Personal Impact Statement

All program participants applying for a certificate of diversity commitment will provide a written personal impact statement describing his or her plan to make a personal impact with regard to inclusiveness on campus. Personal Impact Statements will specify participant behaviors and actions, a time table, and the desired result or impact related to diversity and the community of inclusiveness on campus.

Required Hours of Training, Self-study and/or Community Service

A minimum of 20 combined hours of training, community service and/or self-study is required. Within the 20 hours, two hours of community service, a minimum of four subject areas of classroom training, a minimum of one hour per topic and the three-hour Promoting Diversity session must be included.

Minimum Topic
3 hours Principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the University of Arkansas
1 hour Race, ethnicity, and/or national origin
1 hour Age
1 hour Gender
1 hour Socioeconomic background
1 hour Religion
Note: If completing community service or self-study, it must involve exposure to a religion other than your own.
1 hour Sexual orientation
Note: Sexual Harassment training does NOT meet this requirement
1 hour Disability

Note: Although only one hour per subject area is required, most classroom training sessions are a minimum of two hours, providing some flexibility in meeting the 20-hour requirement.

Example #1

3 hours Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Arkansas
3 hours Race, ethnicity, and/or national origin classroom training
2 hours Community service volunteer as a conversation partner for non-native English speaker(s)
2 hours Classroom training, Age in the Workplace
2 hours Classroom training, Gender
2 hours Classroom training on Socioeconomic background
1 hour Interviewing a rabbi
3 hours Self-study on sexual orientation
2 hours Classroom training, Disabilities

Example #2

3 hours Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Arkansas
3 hours Religion: A Dimension of Diversity (September 7, 2005, Arkansas Union)
2 hours Community Service working with RSO PRIDE handing out literature on National Coming Out Day
Sexual orientation requirement
1 hour Interviewing Source staff members about clients with disabilities
2 hours Age and Ability Training Session (1 hour each for exposure to age and disability topics)
2 hours Socioeconomic Status Training
2 hours Gender and Sexual Orientation Training Session (1 hour each for exposure to gender and sexual orientation topics).
3 hours Departmental training on multiculturalism (general diversity training)
2 hours Off-campus Diversity Conference on Ethnicity


Participants who complete the 20 combined hours of training, community service and/or self-study will receive:

  • A lapel pin
  • A certificate
  • A letter to the recipient's supervisor or department head