Open Enrollment for UA Benefits Plans 11/1/2017 - 11/30/2017

The open enrollment period will begin November 1, 2017, and will end November 30, 2017.   No enrollments or changes after November 30, 2017, will be accepted.   Open Enrollment changes are effective 1/1/2018.

The following notifications have been distributed:


NEW FOR 7/1/2018:

On 7/1/2018, the UA System will begin a three-year project in which the employer subsidy (contribution) for employee/spouse, employee/child(ren) and employee/spouse/child(ren) health plan premiums will be decreased to put us more in line with other schools.   An email was sent 11/20/2017 explaining this.   The health plan premiums for 7/1/2018 have not been finalized but we are wanting to share a draft of what they may look like.   These projected 7/1/2018 premiums are still subject to change and do not include any premium increases that may be required due to claims experience.



NEW FOR 1/1/2018:

Health Coverage

  • Classic Plan retained with no premium increase for 1/1/2018 and minor copayment changes.
  • Two new Health plans added - the Health Savings Plan and the Premier Plan.
  • Point of Service plan ends 12/31/2017.  POS participants who do not elect either the Health Savings Plan or Premier Plan will default to the Classic Plan.
  • SmartCare provides additional savings for employees who use the Pat Walker Health Center and for employees and covered dependents who use UAMS facilities.
  • Go to UMR's website to search for a provider.
  • See the Medical Plan Comparison for coverage and Insurance Premiums for cost.


Dental Coverage

  • UA changes dental plan provider from Delta Dental to Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Premiums remain the same.  Coverage is unchanged with the exception of the addition of orthodontic coverage for children up to age 18.
  • Go to Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield for a list of providers.
  • See the Dental Plan Summary for coverage and Insurance Premiums for cost. 


Vision Insurance  


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) & Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

  • Annual Enrollment required.
  • Healthcare FSA is for employees who participate in the Classic Plan, Premier Plan and for those who don't participate in UA insurance.
  • HSA is only for employees who participate in the Health Savings Plan.
  • Employer contribution to the HSA for 2018 participants.  See the HR Open Enrollment Notice for additional information.


Life,  Disability & AD&D Changes:

  • Premium Increases for Optional Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance and Optional Long Term Disability Insurance.  See Insurance Premiums for new costs. 
  • No Open Enrollment for Optional Life, Dependent Life or Optional Short Term Disability insurance.
  • Open Enrollment for Optional Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance.  Coverage for pre-existing conditions will be excluded for the first 12 months of coverage.  Complete the Group Benefits Change form to enroll.


Voluntary Products:


During this Open Enrollment period, employees may:

  • Enroll in or cancel health, dental and vision coverage.  No annual re-enrollment required.
  • Enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care Reimbursement & Dependent Care Reimbursement).  Annual enrollment required.
  • Enroll in a Health Savings Account (HSA) for voluntary employee contributions.  Can only enroll in an HSA if enrolled in the Health Savings Plan.
  • Add or delete dependents from health, dental or vision.
  • Change your vision elections between Basic & Enhanced.
  • Change the status of health, dental & vision premiums between after-tax and pre-tax.  No annual election required.
  • Enroll in Optional Long Term Disability Insurance.  New Optional LTD enrollments will be subject to a pre-existing condition exclusion for the first 12 months of coverage.



All employees adding dependents to their health, dental & vision coverage plans will be required to provide the completed Dependent Verification Form and copies of dependent documentation.



Enrollments and changes to Flexible Spending, Health, Dental & Vision Insurance can be done via webBASIS:


  • Go to webBASIS & log in using your UARK ID and password.
  • If you will be covering dependents go to My Benefits and then Spouse/Dependents (for Benefits) to view your current dependents and add new dependents. Remember, you must submit Dependent Documentation before dependents can be added.  Send dependent documentation and the Dependent Verification form to Human Resources, fax to 479-575-6971 or email to
  • Go to My Benefits and then Annual Benefits Enrollment to make your enrollment changes.  
  • Remember, you must Validate and Save before your transaction is finalized.
  • Complete the Group Benefits Enrollment Form to enroll in Optional Long Term Disability Insurance
  • See below for copies of the enrollment forms if you prefer to complete a paper enrollment form rather than complete the webBASIS enrollment.  WebBASIS enrollment is not available for Optional Long Term Disability Insurance, see below for enrollment forms.


Enrollment Forms:


Additional Information: