Supervisor Development Program

The Supervisor Development Program (SDP) promotes excellence in selecting and managing the university's workforce.

Certificate of Achievement

Participants completing 50 hours of training, including co-requisite sessions, will earn a certificate of achievement, acknowledging competency in each of the subjects.


Participants will learn about the skills, knowledge and resources required to effectively lead and coach other employees as well as comply with federal and state laws and university procedures. Competency will be measured in a number of ways, including attendance, participation, completion of projects or reading assignments, and successfully passing a written exam.

The program consists of 24 hours of training covering the following:

  • Communication
  • The Employment Process
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Employee Development
  • Legal Issues and Concepts
  • Managing Employee Performance
  • Motivating Employees
  • Situational Leadership
  • Training and Coaching, Recognition and Rewards
  • Workplace Violence


Instructors and facilitators are selected based on their training abilities and knowledge of the subject matter.

Who Should Attend

Any full-time, regular University of Arkansas employee should attend who:

  • directly supervises other employees (i.e. has the following responsibilities: hiring, terminating, disciplining, assigning/reviewing work, and conducting performance appraisals)
  • is verified eligible by HR
  • has their supervisor's written permission to attend

First-time supervisors should enroll as soon as possible after assuming this new responsibility. Experienced supervisors are encouraged to refresh and reinforce their skills by attending and to contribute to the supervisor development process by sharing experiences during class discussions. Employees who aspire to be supervisors may be admitted on a space-available basis.


There is no fee associated with this program.



The Supervisor Development Program is completed in 6 sessions; it is vital that participants attend every session. 

For Additional Information

Contact the Employee Development Program at 479-575-4432 or email