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University of Arkansas Human Resources works as a team to recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified diverse people by providing innovative solutions and excellent service to our campus and community.

We are confident that as you learn  more about the University of Arkansas, you will discover that you can Live Better in Arkansas.

The University of Arkansas recognizes our employees as our greatest asset. Find out how you can contribute to our community by searching careers. Discover how Human Resources guides and supports employees by advocating for a healthy work/life balance and providing excellent benefits. Explore what makes the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and Northwest Arkansas a top-ranked place to work and live.

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Supervisor Development Program Supervisor Development Program News
PeopleAdmin Training: Evaluating Performance for Classified Employees! News
Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 News
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Job Fair News
Are you prepared for a Violent Threat On Campus?! News
EAP's Crucial Communications Training News
PeopleAdmin Training: Evaluating Applicants and Interview Reviews! News
HR Forum News
Benefits Fair News
Human Resources News News
PeopleAdmin Training: Completing Hiring Proposals! News
HR Forum News
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PeopleAdmin Training: Position Descriptions! News
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Background Checks Careers
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University Benefits Fair!!

Join Human Resources for Food, Fun, and Info!!  November 9th, 2016, 10am-2pm in the Union, rooms 507-511.   Visit with our insurance and retirement vendors, get your flu shot, and sign up for door prizes!    Read more Right Arrow

Are you prepared for a violent threat on campus?!

Join Matt Mills from UAPD for an eye-opening presentation on Preventing Campus Violence.  This exciting presentation will include everything you need to be prepared, from identifying and reporting   Read more Right Arrow

 PeopleAdmin Training: Evaluating Applicants and Interview Reviews!

The Human Resources Partners Team and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance will be conducting PA7 Training on Evaluating Applicants and Interview Reviews.  This training will teach users how to evaluate applicants and move applicants through the interview process.  Read more Right Arrow

PeopleAdmin Training:  Creating a Posting!

The Human Resources Partners Team and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance will be conducting PA7 Training on Creating a Posting.  This training will teach users how to create a posting in the Applicant Tracking Module.  Please register for this training Read more Right Arrow

PeopleAdmin Training: Position Descriptions!

 The Human Resources Team is now offering PA7 Training on Position Descriptions. This training will review the ins and outs of the position description. Including how to create a new position description, modify existing position descriptions, and how to build saved search reports.  Read more Right Arrow

PeopleAdmin Training: Completing Hiring Proposals!

The Human Resources Partners Team and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance will be conducting PA7 Training on Completing Hiring Proposals.  This training will teach users how to create a hiring proposal and draft an offer letter in PA7.   Read more Right Arrow

PeopleAdmin Training:  Evaluating Performance for Classified Employees!

The Human Resources Team is now offering PA7 Training on Evaluating Performance for Classified Employees.  This training will include how to access the Performance Module, the Employee Portal and Action Items Read more Right Arrow

EAP's Crucial Communications Training

University HR, in conjunction with the Employee Assistance Program is offering training on Crucial Communications, October 27th, 2 p.m. in ADMN 429.

A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.  These conversations-when handled poorly or ignored-cause teams and organizations to get less-than-desirable results.  Read more Right Arrow

Got HR Questions?

Have them answered in our HR Forum open to all employees! Join us for snacks and conversation in the Union, Room 504, on November 1st from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  Did you know we have new functions in PeopleAdmin 7? The updates include new position description forms, easier alignment updates, onboarding, and much more!  Read more Right Arrow

Supervisor Development Certificate Program!

The Supervisor Development Certificate Program is an effort to promote excellence in selecting and managing the University’s work force. The program teaches new supervisors the essential skills and knowledge to be an effective leader and coach for other employees.   Read more Right Arrow

Department of Labor Announces Overtime Rule Changes to Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

May 19, 2016
Classification and Compensation Department is preparing to guide the University of Arkansas through new overtime rule changes. Read more Right Arrow

Quick and Easy Registration for New Employee Orientation!

New hires can now be enrolled in New Employee Orientation Parts 1 and 2 using either their personal email or their UARK email, if it has been assigned. Supervisors can also register employees Read more Right Arrow

STOP! WAIT! Are you hiring a Foreign National?!

The Office of Human Resources, in conjunction with The Office of International Students and Scholars has updated the Hiring a Foreign National TrainingRead more Right Arrow

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