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RazorTEMPS is the ultimate stepping stone for University of Arkansas employment. Through our enhanced screening process, we find the best of the best in each trade that have the passion, dedication and drive to be a key player in making a difference at the YOU of A.

Our Goal

RazorTEMPS will help you get your foot in the door at the University of Arkansas. We match your needs and skill sets with those of various departments on campus to allow you an opportunity to gain experience working in higher education while being a key player at the YOU of A!

What types of positions can I work as a RazorTEMPS Employee?

RazorTEMPS employees can be placed in various assignments. The majority of our temporary assignments are administrative support positions, customer service, technical support and custodial/ maintenance. Our other assignments consist of skilled trades, landscaping, data entry, database management, Web design vacancies and more! We welcome everyone to apply. We are here to help you fulfill your employment needs!

How do I become a RazorTEMPS Employee?

  • Go to the website and create an application if you have not already done so. Search under "On Campus Part Time" for "RazorTEMPS". Select "VIEW" to load the details of the posting then select "APPLY FOR THIS POSTING".
  • Once your application has been received a RazorTEMPS Representative will contact you for a phone interview. Upon a successful phone interview, you may be invited to attend a program overview and testing session.
  • The testing session and program overview will be administered by a RazorTEMPS Representative which will consist of the RazorTEMPS policies, procedures and expectations. Testing Sessions include proficiency tests including but not limited to typing test, Microsoft Office, programming, and behavioral tests. Proficiency exams are assigned based on positions applied for.
  • Once you complete the testing session we will go over your results with you and you may be asked to schedule an interview. 
  • Upon a successful interview you may be asked to wait for an assignment or you could be placed immediately.
  • You may be asked to complete any necessary prescreening for the position you are assigned. Prescreening could include any of the following: background check, drug test, sex offender registration, and/or financial credit check.
  • Start working as a RazorTEMPS Employee!

Apply Now!

Professional Assistant

Clerical Assistant

Technical Assistant

Customer Service

Skilled Trades Assistant

Maintenance Assistant

Custodian - Dorms

Custodian - Campus

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