Dual Career Resources

The University of Arkansas supports the relocating partners of new employees by providing employment resources and information about opportunities in the area. HR can assist with resumes and networking in the area and encourages accompanying partners or spouses to contact prospective employers directly.

Spring International Language Center

For spouses/partners of non-English speaking faculty and staff, a resource to be aware of is the Spring International Language Center (SILC).  SILC is a professional academic organization that provides English language training and cross-cultural education.  The curriculum includes intensive language and cultural programs/courses.  Additionally, SILC often has the need to hire instructors (English language skills, cultural skills, or other specific skills) for short term assignments (up to three weeks).  Please visit the Spring International Language Center website to learn more.

Employment of accompanying partners or spouses is not guaranteed, and this page does not constitute an endorsement of the organizations listed.