Court and Jury Leave

(Board Policy 420.1, 420.2; Universitywide Administrative Memorandum 435.2, 435.3; Arkansas Code Ann. §§ 21-4-213 and 21-5-104)

If you serve as a juror or are subpoenaed as a witness to give deposition in a court or hearing, you are entitled to your regular university pay in addition to any fees paid by the court for your services or necessary appearances, and your absences from work will not be counted as annual leave. You should return to work as soon as your services are no longer needed by the court.

When your service on a jury would cause a hardship to the operation of your work unit, the chancellor may petition the judge, in writing, asking that you be excused from jury duty. However, if the request is denied or no response is received before the date your jury duty is to begin, you must report for jury duty.

If your service as a witness can be handled by the taking of a deposition rather than court appearance, the deposition is preferable. Depositions or statements which involve the university may be taken during working hours. All others should be handled on personal time.

If you are accepted by the court as an expert witness and are paid a fee in excess of the normal witness fee, you will be required to take annual leave for the time needed for your testimony.

If you are involved in personal litigation or are a paid witness in a case outside the scope of your university employment, you will be required to take annual leave.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010 2:31 PM