Salary Overpayments and Other Amounts Owed to the University

(Board Policy 405.2; Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 329.0; Arkansas Code Annotated §26-36-303.)

It is your responsibility to notify Human Resources and your department head immediately of any salary payment errors, including overpayments. Pay advices are issued in advance of payday to help you identify such errors before the erroneous salary payments are made. Department heads are expected to assist and cooperate fully with Human Resources and the Treasurer's Office in efforts to recover salary overpayments.

It is the policy of the state of Arkansas and of the university that an individual may not profit from an error in paying an employee or vendor. The university will vigorously pursue collection of all salary overpayments from former employees in the same manner as it pursues other debts to the university. Salary overpayments that are not repaid immediately will be referred to the Treasurer's Office for collection. The Office of Personnel Services of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration may submit a claim for overpaid wages against your state income tax refunds.

To reduce the likelihood of salary overpayments to terminating employees, payments for accumulated annual leave will not be made until the 15th of the month following your last work day. During this time, you and your department are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your leave record.

If a salary overpayment is made while you continue to be employed by the university, the overpayment will be deducted from your next pay deposit or check.

If you owe the university any funds other than salary overpayments, the amount owed may be deducted from your paycheck or from other payments due to you, such as payment for accrued, unused leave at the time of termination. If you owe the university money, are currently employed and have not responded to the past due notices mailed to your home address, an involuntary payroll deduction for the full amount owed will be requested from Human Resources by the Treasurer's Office. A repayment plan may be set up with the department owed to prevent an involuntary payroll deduction. If you are no longer employed, your final settlement with the university will be for the entire amount owed.

Monday, July 29, 2013 1:09 PM