6.8  Procedures for Issuing Pay

(Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 323.0)

You will be paid monthly on the last work day of each month unless you are an extra-help hourly employee. Direct deposit is the standard method by which the university pays employees. You may have your pay deposited in up to six separate accounts. The accounts can be at the same financial institution or as many as six different ones. You may request a pay card by so noting on the direct deposit form, but the University encourages you to have your pay deposited directly to your bank or credit union, for convenience and security. You may request direct deposit through webBASIS or by completing a form available in Human Resources or on the Human Resources website.  Approximately three days before pay day you will receive an email indicating your gross pay, deductions and the net pay that will be deposited to your accounts.  For benefits-eligible employees, this will also provide information on your deductions and the university's payments for benefits, levels of benefits coverage as well as detailed information on leave usage. You can also find this information on webBASIS.  If you do not use direct deposit, the Treasurer's Office will mail your check to the address you have listed in the BASIS system. 

If you are an extra-help hourly employee you will be paid on the 10th and 25th of each month. If that date falls on a Saturday, pay day will be on Friday; if it falls on Sunday, pay day will be Monday. For your convenience and security, you may use direct deposit and receive your pay advisory form via email or the Web. Forms to request direct deposit are available at Human Resources.

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