The Staff Handbook

By joining the staff of the University of Arkansas and the university community, you have become an important part of the state's most exciting and challenging educational endeavor. The university's success in carrying out its mission is, in large part, dependent on the success of each of its employees. Your skills, pride, and commitment to your work help ensure the continued progress and strength of the university.

This handbook is intended to help you by providing information about university policies and procedures related to employment, employee benefits, and programs and services available to staff. Much of the material in the Staff Handbook is summarized, excerpted or paraphrased, so the handbook is a guide rather than a complete source of information on employment-related subjects. Whenever possible, the source of the information is cited, and additional details can be found in the Board Policies, Fayetteville Policies and Procedures, Universitywide Administrative Memoranda, state personnel policies, state laws and other documents referred to in the handbook. If you need help in locating any of these source documents, please ask your dean, director, vice chancellor or Human Resources. The Staff Handbook is accessible in electronic format through the Human Resources website,, and may be downloaded, stored or printed as needed.

If there is a conflict between this handbook and official University Board Policy, Universitywide Administrative Memoranda, Fayetteville Policies and Procedures, or state of Arkansas policy or law, those policies, memoranda or laws will prevail. The university reserves the right to revise, modify or repeal any statements included in this handbook and any of these policies or procedures through future actions. Information contained in this handbook is not intended to establish an employment contract of any kind or duration. This handbook is not a legal document. This edition of the Staff Handbook supercedes previous editions.


Arkansas Code
Fayetteville Policies and Procedures
United States Code
University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policies
UA Systemwide Policies and Procedures