Partners and Recruiters by HR Staff

Human Resources (HR) at the University of Arkansas plays a crucial role in facilitating the institution's foundational compliance, academic and administrative functions. It encompasses a wide range of responsibilities aimed at supporting staff, faculty, student workers, and university administration, including collaborating in a shared governance model to ensure our campus maintains an environment of engagement and belonging for everyone. 

HR is involved in recruiting and hiring talented individuals, managing employee benefits and compensation, and ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws and university policies. We further offer strategies to help colleges, departments, and units flourish by handling employee relations, providing guidance on conflict resolution, performance management, and creating numerous professional development opportunities. 

By providing access to resources and opportunities for growth, and continuous learning, HR helps foster an environment of collaboration, and innovation, contributing to the university’s purpose to advance research excellence, ensure student success, be an employer of choice, and ultimately enrich the lives of its employees, students, community, and future generations of Arkansans.

To find the HR partner and/or the Recruiter assigned to your unit/department, see the Partners and Recruiters by Department list.

HR Partner Department, College or Division

Bri Andrews

(479)  575-2198

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Pat Walker Health Center

Dawn Hefley

(479) 575-3926

Facilities Management
Parking & Transit 
Enrollment Services

Diane Walsh-McNutt

(479) 575-4900

Walton College of Business

Glennia Hunt

(479) 575-3596

College of Education and Health Professions
University Relations
Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs

Jarred Witt

(479) 575-5757


Julia Menke

(479) 575-5468

Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation Office
The Institute for Integrative & Innovative Research
Division of Economic Development
Human Resources
Equal Opportunity, Compliance & Title IX
Business and Financial Affairs
University Relations
University Police Department
Information Technology Services

Justine Kyle

(479) 718-1447

Walton College of Business

Kathy Riggle

(479) 575-3080

Graduate School and International Education
Honors College 
Mullins Library 
Army and Air Force ROTC

Kelsey Spry

(479) 575-6318

Student Affairs
Pat Walker Health Center

Krista Hoover

(479) 575-4647


Leslie Pounds

(479) 575-3463

Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design
Garvin Gardens - Hot Springs
Clinton School of Public Service

Marweta Haegele

(479) 575-2380

University Advancement

Rhonda Houser

(479) 575-2760

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences
Law School

Tina Paul

(479) 575-5876

Global Campus Administration
College of Engineering
Walton College of Business
Fulbright College


HR Recruiter Department, College or Division

Miriam Burns


Fulbright College
Graduate School and International Education
Mullins Library

Ronnie Caveness

Dale Bumpers College
Division of Economic Development
Division of Research and Innovation
Governmental Relations
Honors College
IT Services
School of Law
University Police Department
University Relations

Melissa Graham



Graduate Assistants
Evergreen Requisitions

Lucciana Lorenzetti


Akransas Archeological Survey
Business Services
Business Solutions and Support
College Education and Health Professions
Division of Student Affairs
Enrollment Services Division
Financial Affairs
Human Resources
Office of the Chancellor/Chief of Staff
Office of the Provost/Vice Provosts for Academic Affairs, Faculty Affairs, Planning
Student Success Center

Tonya Zarlingo


Clinton School of Public Service
College of Engineering
Division of University Advancement
Facilities Management
Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design
Global Campus/Distance Education
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Sam M. Walton College of Business