Apply for RazorTemps

Being hired as a RazorTemp can help you get your foot in the door at the University of Arkansas. We match your needs and skill sets with temporary assignment requests from departments across campus.

The majority of RazorTemp assignments are in administrative support, customer service, technical support and custodial/maintenance positions. Other assignments include skilled trades, landscaping, data entry, database management, Web design and more.

Applicants interested in temporary positions can search the University of Arkansas Career Site for RazorTemp listings to submit an application. Once you have been accepted into the RazorTemp pool, you are considered for positions as they are requested by departments. A member of the RazorTemp recruitment team contacts you when there is a match between your skill sets and requirements and a department assignment.

University policy limits the number of hours you may work as a RazorTemp to 1,250 hours per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Hourly positions are paid twice monthly.

Becoming a RazorTemp

The timeline and steps to become a RazorTemp are:

  • The applicant searches for listings on our University of Arkansas Career Site and applies.
  • An applicant may be contacted by a RazorTemp recruitment team member for a phone interview.
  • Upon a successful phone interview, the applicant may be invited to attend a program overview of RazorTemp policies, procedures and expectations, and/or a testing session. Proficiency tests may include, but are not limited to typing, Microsoft Office, programming and behavioral tests. Not all positions require proficiency tests. Proficiency test results are shared with applicants.
  • An interview may be scheduled.
  • Upon successful completion of the interview, the applicant can be placed in a position immediately or in the pool to wait for an assignment match. Some assignments require the applicant to agree to any of the following: background check, drug test, sex offender registration and/or financial credit check.

Attendance Policy

RazorTemps must adhere to their assignment schedule and pre-schedule any absences with their department supervisor. If you must be absent from work for any reason, you are responsible to notify your department within the first hour of your regularly-scheduled time to report to work. Your department has the option of requiring earlier notification.

If your department is not notified, your absence will be considered unauthorized and can result in disciplinary action. Attendance records are maintained for all RazorTemps, and any written reprimands become part of the employee's record, which can impact future assignments, promotions and employment decisions.

You retain the option to end your employment with RazorTemps at any time. Should you end your employment without notice and/or abandon your position, you will be removed from the RazorTemp program. The University of Arkansas may also end your employment at anytime. As such, your employment with RazorTemps is at-will and neither this page, nor any other oral or written representation, may be considered a contract.

Code of Ethics

As an employee of the University of Arkansas, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that strengthens the public's trust and confidence by adhering to the principles of conduct and ethical standards as described in Board of Trustees Policy 335.1.