On-Campus Reporting, Notification and Testing Procedures

This document outlines the on-campus reporting, notification and testing procedures that have been established if you become aware of a positive COVID-19 case in your area.

 If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, received the test off-campus and have been or plan to be on-campus this semester, they must fill out the self-reporting COVID-19 form and begin isolating. The form will be sent to University Emergency Management and will notify UAMS and the Arkansas Department of Health to begin contact tracing. Positive results from tests conducted on-campus do not need to be self-reported because the case information will be relayed automatically by the university.

 Once University Emergency Management is notified, the appropriate supervisor will be notified via email that an employee in their area tested positive for COVID-19. That supervisor must begin notifying other workspace occupants that someone in their department tested positive for COVID-19 and should use the approved notification letter. This letter is to inform your staff of the steps being taken to ensure the safety of the workplace and not an indication that they have been exposed to COVID-19.

 Appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of the necessary workspace will take place and the employee that tested positive must stay in isolation until they receive an end of isolation letter from UAMS/ADH. An end of isolation letter must be shared with the appropriate supervisor before returning to work.

 We believe these measures are vital to limiting the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our campus safe.

 If you have any concerns or want to speak to a Human Resources representative, please contact 479-575-4044 or hrassist@uark.edu.

 Full details on testing, reporting and tracing can be found on the university's COVID-19 Response website. Full safety guidelines can also be found in the Safety Guidelines and Requirements section of the website.