Candidate Interviews

Select Candidates for Interviews

  1. After posting a position, hiring departments/search committees access PeopleAdmin to review applications and evaluate the match of each applicant's education and experience to the requirements of the position description. At this point in the process, the following pre-interview screenings may be initiated if desired:
    • Telephone, videoconference or video chat interviews may be conducted.
    • Proficiency testing sessions may be conducted.
    • Reference checks may be conducted.
    • Additional pre-interview screenings as outlined in the posting may be conducted.
  2. Request HR close/remove the posting if it was "open until filled," and has already posted for at least 14 days (30 days for positions with sponsorship).
  3. Update Rating, Status, & Reason. The department or search committee considers all applicants and rates their qualifications (A, B or C) according to the table on the Change Applicant status page, assigning appropriate selection and reason codes. All applicants must be considered and appropriately rated before requesting approval for interview.
    • Applicant reports are available in PeopleAdmin to assist departments in the evaluation process.
  4. Select Candidates for Interview. Change the selected applicants' status to Recommend for Interview.
    • PeopleAdmin generates an email to HR.
    • HR reviews to confirm all applicants have been rated and reviewed, applicants selected for interview/second tier meet minimum qualifications and are eligible for employment at the university, and a conflict of interest does not exist.
    • HR sends the applicants to the OEOC for review. The OEOC reviews the applicant pool for equal opportunity purposes and appropriateness of applicant ratings/reasons. The OEOC changes applicant status to Approved for Interview, generating an approval email to the department.


  1. Schedule/conduct interviews.
    • Follow a standardized process:
      • Ask the same questions of each applicant.
      • Ask questions related to job duties and competencies.
      • Avoid questions that can be construed as discriminating.
      • Verify credentials.
      • Check references.
    • Write a brief summary of all interviews and reference checks. Maintain records for three years.
  2. Initiate background check(s) if required. While the application is open, select Take Action on Job Application and choose the option to Send for Background Check.
    • Human Resources will initiate the background check and change the status to Background Check Review complete when the check(s) have cleared.

Recommend for Hire

  1. Update Status of the desired candidate to Recommend for Hire.
  2. Update Status/Reason for all other candidates not recommended for hire based on the interview results.
    Note: Give careful consideration to ensure the selection reason code is appropriate for each candidate. This is important if the search is ever questioned for equal opportunity purposes.
  3. Begin a hiring proposal.