Hiring Proposals and Offers

  1. Create a hiring proposal in PeopleAdmin for the candidate with the status of Recommend for Hire.
    • Start by selecting Begin Hiring Proposal in the status section of the candidate that is recommended for hire.
    • Select the appropriate action: Initiate from Posting below or Initiate from a different position description (used only when one posting is used to hire multiple positions).
    • Complete the appropriate fields in the Hiring Proposal.
    • Attach a draft offer letter based on the HR approved template.
    • Send proposal to approvers and then to HR.
      • HR will review for accuracy, background cleared and salary appropriateness and then forward to OEOC for review.
      • The OEOC will review for appropriate ratings and salary equity. When the OEOC changes the status to Approved to Make Offer, a notification of approval email is sent to the department.
  2. Extend Job Offer
    • If accepted: Attach the signed offer letter and forward the proposal back to HR.
      • If salary is negotiated: Note in the comments section and notify HR.
    • If declined: Update the candidate's status and cancel the hiring proposal. Choose one of the following:
      • Request to hire another candidate who was interviewed if desired.
      • Request to interview a second tier.
      • Request to repost (if within 90 days of closing).

When HR approves a hiring proposal, the applicant's status is updated to hired. HR will also close the posting (when the department is ready) by marking the position as filled, which sends all applicants a position filled notification email.

Search process documents must be retained for three years.