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You may notice a change to your tax withholding and net paycheck amount for pay periods beginning in February 2018.  This change is due to updated Internal Revenue Service (IRS) withholding amounts based on the approved tax reform.  Most employees will likely see a decrease in taxes withheld and an increase in take-home pay. 


You may view your future pay by logging into WebBASIS Employee/Affiliate Access, clicking on My Pay → Future Pay→ Gross Pay (For future pay date). 


The IRS is continuing to update employers on the impact of this tax reform and we will continue to monitor and update you as needed.

IRS links for additional information:

  • IRS Updated 2018 Withholding Table news release IRS News  (explains about the new tax tables and that the IRS is working on a revised 2018 W-4 and withholding calculator)
  • IRS Withholding FAQ’s IRS FAQ
  • IRS Notice 1036 – Early Release Copies of the 2018 Percentage Method Tables for Income Tax Withholding IRS Tax Tables and other changes


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Human Resources - Payroll Experts.


Please read this message if you plan to use the Dependent Tuition Waiver Benefit on the Fayetteville Campus. 

This message is being sent to clarify that, for the purposes of the Dependent Tuition Waiver Benefit, the student must be your lawful spouse or a dependent child as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A dependent child per the IRS is a full-time student under the age of 24 at the end of the year or the student is permanently or totally disabled.

Human Resources recently conducted a review of dependent tuition waiver benefits to confirm individuals receiving the benefit meet eligibility requirements. During the review, we determined that many employees were not clear on this requirement.

Consistent with Board Policy 440.1 , Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 512.0, and the Certification section of the Dependent Tuition Waiver form (copied below), you may be requested to furnish documentation to confirm your dependent’s eligibility, so we are writing to let you know now how eligibility for the dependent tuition waivers will be determined. 

Enrollment records for university insurance benefits with spouse coverage (health, dental or vision) will be reviewed to verify lawful spouse status. If lawful spouse status cannot be verified through the university’s benefits records, you will be asked to submit a copy of your marriage license or a *copy of a current Federal or State Income tax return indicating married status and listing your spouse. University benefits records cannot be used to verify tuition waiver eligibility for a dependent child because the dependent eligibility requirements are not the same.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) records on our campus will be used to confirm eligibility of your dependent child(ren). You are encouraged to complete the FAFSA each academic year your dependent child(ren) will be enrolled and eligible for the tuition waiver. If you choose not to complete the FAFSA, you will be required to submit a *copy of a current income tax return.

Human Resources will continue to verify eligibility requirements for the tuition waiver benefits each semester. If spouse or dependent eligibility cannot be confirmed as stated above, you will be required to submit the appropriate documentation for your student to receive the tuition waiver.

 If you have any questions, please contact Amber Duncan at or 575-2761.

Human Resources is mailing 2017 W-2s for your security.

All 2017 Form W-2s have been printed and will be mailed to the home address on record in BASIS. We expect W-2s to mailed by Friday, January 19th.

Current employees can log into WebBASIS to  check their address.  Previous employees may send an email to Shane Lewis,, with a request to check their address.  The request must include information to verify identity, such as a university ID number, address on file, or the name of the emergency contact on record.  

If your address in BASIS is not your current address, your W2 will be returned to Human Resources. All undeliverable W-2s returned to Human Resources can be picked-up in room 222 of the Administration Building. It could take a couple of weeks after being mailed, for W-2s to be returned.  A photo ID is required to pick up a returned W-2. 

Duplicate W-2s can be ordered beginning mid-February.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What does the special coding in Box 14 MANRETR on the W-2 mean?  This is the code for the   employee’s required retirement contribution.

Why does the W-2 not match my salary?  Salary is Fiscal year, W-2s are Calendar year.

How can I pick up my returned W-2? Returned W-2s can be picked up in ADMN 222 with a picture ID.

Can I obtain my W-2 electronically this year? No. For your security we are mailing W-2s to home addresses and we are not providing electronic W-2s.


For further questions regarding W-2s please contact Eva Cordero, Human Resources Office Manager, at