Long-term Care Insurance

Long-term Care Insurance

Effective 1/31/2016, the University of Arkansas is no longer participating in Long Term Care Insurance with CNA. Existing participants were allowed to keep their coverage but as of 2/1/2016 pay premiums directly to CNA.

Long-term care insurance coverage encompasses a variety of services available to people who need assistance with the ordinary activities of daily living.

Long-term care insurance is voluntary and provided through the Continental Casualty Company (CNA). Coverage includes nursing home care, paying up to 100% of the benefit you select for each day that you are confined in a long-term care facility, and community-based care, paying up to 60% of the benefit you select for each day that you receive care in your home, an assisted living facility or an adult foster care center.

Evidence of insurability is required if you apply after 60 days after beginning employment. Coverage is also available for your extended family members, including your spouse, parents, in-laws and grandparents.

Coverage after Leaving the University

Long-term care insurance is completely portable; it can be continued with no change in rates or benefits if you, or the person through whom you obtained coverage, terminates employment for any reason. Contact CNA as soon as employment ends at 877-777-9072 or www.ltcbenefits.com to be billed directly.