Using PeopleAdmin 7

Using PeopleAdmin to manage job searches, position descriptions and evaluations supports the university's sustainability initiative and captures employee data for planning, budgeting and management of our human resources.

All classified position descriptions and evaluations are managed through PeopleAdmin. Nonclassified position descriptions are also managed through PeopleAdmin; however, managing nonclassified evaluations in PeopleAdmin is encouraged, but not required. Position descriptions and postings for faculty searches are managed in PeopleAdmin.

Building a position description is the foundation for all subsequent actions in PeopleAdmin. This step defines job duties and their percentages and may be performed by the Initiator, Reviewer or Approver. Follow detailed instructions for creating a position description in PeopleAdmin 7.

PeopleAdmin 7 Tutorials

Posting Waiver Requests Video Tutorials

  • How to start a posting waiver request
  • Completing a classified posting waiver request
  • Completing a non-classified or faculty posting waiver request
  • How to close out a posting waiver request

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Position Management

Applicant Tracking