Background Checks

To comply with Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 402.1, each position (including faculty) that is determined to require pre-employment screening will have language in the job announcement indicating that a background check, substance abuse test or combination of these checks is required. A complete list of position titles and the required checks are provided in Schedule A.

For the positions determined to require pre-employment screening, satisfactory completion of background checks and/or substance abuse testing shall be required prior to extending an offer of employment. Checks/testing shall only be conducted once a candidate becomes the finalist or one of the finalists for a particular position.

To request a background check for hourly positions, positions not listed in Schedule A, or to re-check an incumbent position, contact an HR Expert.

Commonly Required Background Checks

Position Duties Criminal Background Sex Offender Substance Abuse Credit
Handling of cash funds, credit card processing x      
Access to credit card datasets, processing or storage       x
Safety Officer x      
Distribution of hazardous materials  x      
Bus /Van/CDL Driver/Heavy Equipment Operator      
Broad access to sensitive or confidential information x x    
Care of minors or patients x x    
Senior administrator x x x x
Safety-sensitive x   x  
Police or security x x x  
Access to personal spaces (residence halls, etc.) x  
Financial oversight/high-level transaction approval x x   x
Locksmith x x x  

Criminal Background

A criminal background check is required when:

  • Cash/credit. This position handles cash funds, including credit card processing, as a primary job duty.
    Note: Positions which only have access to one credit card at a time when processing or facilitating a transaction may be excluded.
  • Safety officer or distribution of hazardous substances. This is a non-faculty position designated as a safety officer or that operates facilities distributing hazardous substances.
  • Required by law. A criminal background check is required by law for this position.

Substance Abuse Testing

Substance abuse (drug) testing is required when:

  • Bus/van driver or other CDL. This is a bus and/or van driver (primary job duties) position or otherwise requires a Commercial Driver's License.
  • Heavy equipment operator. This position operates heavy equipment such as tractors, trailers, backhoes, front-end loaders, dump trucks and other heavy mechanized equipment.

Criminal Background / Sex Offender

Both criminal and sex offender background checks are required when:

  • Security sensitive. This position performs duties in the Departments of Finance and Administration, Development, Enrollment Services, Student Financial Aid, ISIS or Information Technology Services that are security sensitive at such a level that they have broad access to or permanent retention of confidential information, e.g., Social Security numbers or system-wide passwords (employee or student). For example:
      • Positions that have the ability to view or access any information housed in enterprise systems that contain sensitive information
      • Positions that perform enterprise application development
      • Positions that have physical and administrative access to campus data infrastructure systems
      • Positions that are "forensic" investigators including those involved in the investigation of computer or network security breaches
      • Positions with broad access to sensitive student information with market value, such as financial aid administrators
  • Care or supervision of minors or patients. This position (including faculty positions) provides care or supervision to minors (persons under 18), patients, mentally ill or developmentally disabled persons, or similar populations, as a primary job duty. Positions include, but are not limited to:
      • Child care workers (Note: Checks for childcare workers must be renewed at least every five years.)
      • Healthcare providers such as physicians and nurses
      • Clinical psychologists, social workers or licensed professional counselors
      • Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

Criminal Background / Substance Abuse

Both criminal background and substance abuse tests are required when a position is safety-sensitive in a non-academic unit. Positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Electricians including high voltage, low voltage and alarm electricians
  • Power distribution workers
  • Boiler/chiller operators
  • Utility maintenance workers
  • Institutional service assistants with regular access to personal spaces such as residence halls, Greek houses and athletic locker rooms
  • Environmental compliance workers
  • Environmental Health and Safety employees

Criminal Background / Sex Offender / Substance Abuse

  • Residence halls, Greek houses or athletic locker rooms. This position has regular access to personal spaces such as residence halls, Greek houses or athletic locker rooms. Positions include, but are not limited to, institutional services assistants and resident assistants.
  • Locksmith. This position performs locksmith duties.
  • Police. This is a university police or other security position.
  • Senior administrator. This position is a senior administrator who is assigned a level of responsibility and authority that provides broad access to sensitive or protected university information, is granted high level authority for transaction approval, is in an executive position for which there is limited supervision or oversight, or whose conduct bears significantly on the university's reputation. Positions include, but are not limited to: vice chancellors, deans, treasurer, executive director of university housing, director of the University of Arkansas Police Department, and the director of the Pat Walker Health Center.

Financial / Credit

Financial/credit checks are required when:

  • Cash management. This position has extensive cash management duties with access to cardholder data sets or access to the cardholder data processing or storage environment as a primary job duty.
  • Senior financial administrator. This is a senior financial administrator who is assigned a level of responsibility and authority that provides financial oversight or is granted high level authority for transaction approval.

Incumbent Rechecks

Most covered positions do not require re-checking incumbents. However, periodic re-checks may be required by law or as determined by the vice chancellor after consultation with HR. For more information, contact an HR Expert.