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Benefits Eligibility, Enrollment & Effective Dates

All regular appointed (non-student titled) employees working one-half time or greater are eligible for most benefits through the University.

Eligible dependents are defined as your lawful spouse and children until the date they attain age 26. No person may be simultaneously covered as a dependent of more than one participant.

If your salary goes over $20,000 you are eligible to enroll in Optional Long Term Disability.

Enrollment New or Returning Employee

You have 31 days from your Benefits Eligible appointment date to enroll in benefits. If you do not enroll within 31 days, you will not be eligible for Health & Dental Insurance Benefits unless you have a Qualifying Life Event.

Late enrollments for Optional Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance and Optional Long Term Disability are subject to the completion of Evidence of Insurability. These insurance benefits are subject to the approval of the insurance company. To enroll, you must complete the appropriate benefit forms available at the UA Benefits Office.

There is No Late Enrollment for Health & Dental Coverage. Any changes to your Health & Dental Insurance plan are subject to Qualifying Life Events.

New Employee Orientation

This is an orientation program for the new or transferred employee. Presented by University Human Resources, New Employee Orientation covers UA benefits and policies. Although the program is mandatory, it is held in a friendly, informal setting and is a great way for employees to become aquatinted with UA. You should receive a letter soon after you become employed at the University of Arkansas notifying you of this orientation. Please contact the Human Resources Office at (479) 575-5351 prior to attending.

New Employee Orientation is conducted every Monday, except in observance of University holidays, at a predetermined destination. Please contact HR for the current location of presentation.

This orientation is very important, as it is a condition of employment and employees must enroll in all chosen Benefits within 31 days of their appointment date.

Effective Dates

For new employees, Basic Benefits are effective on their Benefits Eligible Appointment date.

For new employees, all Optional Benefits will be effective the first of the month following their enrollment date, as long as they enroll within the 31 day eligibility window.

Evidence of Insurability

Employees wishing to enroll in or increase their coverage under the University of Arkansas' Optional Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance or Optional Long Term Disability must first complete an Evidence of Insurability (a statement of  physical health form). Along with the Evidence of Insurability an employee must also complete a Group Benefits Change Form. (Available at the Benefits Office)

Employees who have recently become eligible for Optional Long Term Disability (Optional LTD) by their salary increasing over $20,000 may enroll by completing a Group Benefits Change Form within 31 days of their salary eligibility date.