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Paid Holidays

Paid Leave

There are several categories of paid leave that are provided to eligible employees.  Annual leave is earned by employees in appointed positions of 50% or greater, except for athletic coaches and 9 month faculty.  Sick leave is earned by employees in appointed positions of 50% or greater.  Catastrophic leave is available for eligible employees who have a catastrophic illness or who need to care for an immediate family member with a catastrophic illness.  Leave for children’s educational activities is available for full-time, benefits eligible employees to participate in, assist with, or attend their children’s educational activities.  The University also offers bereavement leave, court and jury leave, military leave, educational leave, and organ or bone marrow donation leave.  Section 7 of the staff handbook provides additional information on paid leave.  


Current University Holiday Schedule

There are twelve official University holidays per year. If you are a full time appointed employee, you are entitled to observe these holidays at full pay. If you are a one-half time or greater employee, your holiday pay will be proportionate to the time worked. You must be in a paid status the workday before the holiday and the workday after the holiday.

Leah WilliamsLeah Williams, PHR, is the Compensation Programs Administrator. She can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at 575-7618.  Leah administers leave policies, family medical leave usage, catastrophic leave program coordination, extra compensation and is a leave without pay coordinator/counselor.  She completes salary surveys and provides Class/Comp customer service.  She conducts position audits, classification recommendations, and BASIS Administration: PSB, Leave.